Sergey Petrossov

SERGEY PETROSSOVSergey Petrossov believes that social scheduling is the future of private jet chartering.  The company now lets customers organize their flights on a per seat basis themselves. Many of the private jet charter seats are available during flights giving customers a chance to organize their own flights. Anyone can create a crowd sourced flight or buy a seat on flights created by another group. Gone are the required memberships of the early days and free flights. Many flights now run no matter how many seats are sold, and discount rates are still available to consumers. JetSmarter is are changing their model to a different one that does not require membership.

When it started in 2012, they advertised as the jet company that helped customers find a private jet charter anywhere in the world with their app. In 2015, they created shuttles flights in high traffic areas with free perks like helicopter transfer to and from the airport. The new model was created to help expand their market and keep the basic membership model alive. Petrossov has reinvented private jet travel and reduced the costs with his company JetSmarter. His app reinvented the old-fashioned booking system and made the process streamlined.

The company is often called the country club in the air. The success of the company is because they have team members from NASA, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Uber. Sergey Petrossov has flown all around the world. He came up with the idea for the company when he tried to book a private flight one day. His days have been filled with talking to investors and meeting with clients. He is constantly trying to meet customer needs and improve his product. They use marketing and advertising channels to connect with the consumers. He knows that trial and error are what make a company successful.


Sergey Petrossov continues to focus on making private jet travel more convenient and accessible to customers and enhance their lifestyle. Private jet travel has been inefficient, and he continues to work on improving costs and use of the private jets for business and leisure travelers.

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