Bennett Graebner is Ready to Score Again

There isn’t much that Bennett Graebner hasn’t seen or been part of. When it comes to making gold standard reality TV shows, he has long been one of the premier trend setters. And now, with a new series called Love at First Kiss, he’s setting out to make “must see TV” for a whole new audience of reality series viewers. Bennett Graebner was the brains behind a spate of monster hit TV shows in the recent past. 


He is the mogul who gave us such runaway smashes as The Bachelor and its natural corollary, The Bachelorette. As a result, he’s got much credit to burn in industry circles. He’ll be putting it all to the test when his new show hits the air. Bennett Graebner knows the difference between cult and kitsch and is willing to split things down the middle. Mainstream success has always found him willing to bargain. As a result, he’s not too worried that his new premise is too far out to appeal to the average consumer (Eonline). 


After all, what’s more universal than a kiss? But this doesn’t mean that Bennett Graebner isn’t hedging his bets. Love at First Kiss is loosely based on a series that recently tore up the Dutch airwaves. But there have been a few select changes made along the way. 


For example, on the Dutch show, when a couple kissed and didn’t seem to hit it off, they were allowed to part ways. The new show will be somewhat different. Bennett Graebner knows that American viewers love granting second chances to their adopted favorites. For this reason, he’ll give even couples that don’t seem to strike magic another few weeks to find their perfect partners. It’s this kind of “can do” attitude that makes magic on reality TV. 


Love at First Kiss has every chance of joining the long list of patented Bennett Graebner successes. It’s loose, a bit wild, but ultimately sentimental and forgiving at heart. Whether it does find its niche remains to be seen. But if past success is anything to go by, it will have every chance.

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