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Maarten De Jeu Background 


Strategic advisor to all, and partial to none, Maarten De jeu asserts his position with vigor. He is an inventive force in the business market. He advises clients on how to best enter the real estate market and invest in properties. Some of the goals of home investment are increasing income, pooling investments, and abiding commercial laws. 


The first business De Jeu launched in 2012 was SVM Business Advisory. This company specializes in global strategy solutions and networking. He discovered his love for marketing and business during his studies at the University of Oxford. Most of Maarten’s connections to commercial real estate are global (Asia, Europe, and North America). Before this he worked as a strategy director at an unnamed company.


Let’s not forget his family commitment! According to a popular corporate site, “When de Jeu isn’t working, spending time with his wonderful family, or playing tennis, he is active with various community and business associations.” Charity work is also a part of his routine and he has been recognized for his efforts. 


Commercial Real Estate and Advantages


What is commercial real estate? It is the practice of selling properties for revenue. Some examples of commercial properties include office buildings, warehouses, abandoned centers, and multi housing units one source says. Residential areas are much cheaper to buy and sell. Other investors weren’t able to earn as much. Recent laws have changed how much investors earn. 


2012 saw one of the biggest in real estate investment. The Jumpstart Our Business Act was passed and radically changed how much income investors make. This law made crowdfunding accessible. Newly found businesses benefited from the increased funding support. Further options include collecting interests on secure loans. 


What are some advantages for investing in commercial real estate? Well, commercial real estate has the same perks of share stocks without hedge risks. Essentially, the funds you invest in stocks here have value. Fluctuations in cost are less frequent too. 


Legal Protection


Traditional stocks held over time can be an issue. When the end of the year comes around, the stocks do not always appreciate. This equals in lowered gross income for investors. Policies such as this can damage an investor’s portfolio over time. Avoid this by investing in commercial properties. They have a higher selling rate and can account for inflation rates that would otherwise cut into how much investors accrue. Learn more:


“Unlike many traditional investments, there are potential tax deductions available from a commercial real estate investment property. For example, investors can deduct the amount of depreciation of the property value for each tax year,”one site shares. This means expenses for maintenance and repairs are covered by taxes. 




To learn more about commercial real estate, consult a local advisor near you. Anyone can enter this market so long as they are qualified. More details can be found at Invest today!

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