Jack Plotkin and the Advancement of Digital Healthcare

Jack Plotkin

For more than 20 years, Jack Plotkin’s work in healthcare companies has helped him see all of the advancements as the industry evolves. In the past seven years, Jack’s focus on technology has helped him shape the way medical companies interact with customers.

He is an industry-recognized leader and the mind behind many of the best innovations in the healthcare field.

Plotkin attended Harvard University, where he had a minor in computer science that eventually helped him shape his career path. He graduated in 2000. After graduating, he joined a leading investment bank where he advised Fortune 500 companies on financial transactions and strategy. When he worked on Wall Street he built complex computer models.

He eventually embarked on a career as an entrepreneur, working in the digital advertising world as well as online publishing. For the past seven years, he has been the CEO of his own company.

Jack PlotkinPlotkin has a wide range of experience with different industries and companies. He has worked with retail, e-commerce, media, transportation, telecommunications, insurance, manufacturing and energy. To date, he says his greatest accomplishment is building VirtualHealth from the two desk startup to one of the top 40 growing companies in the United States. The company improved upon healthcare to the millions of the most vulnerable patients in the country.

His main focus is on helping companies build and strategize. Plotkin works with companies that are working with new technologies. He believes health is the biggest contributor to the economy as well as a huge influence on the quality of life of the consumer.

When he is not working, Jack likes to leave Manhattan and explore the outdoors. He is also a published novelist.

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