OSI Food Solutions Extends Their Product Reach To Germany

OSI Food Solutions is an American based multi-billion dollar food manufacturing industry. OSI started out in Chicago and then moved as their client base expanded. Over time they moved just about 45 minutes west of Chicago into the surrounding Chicago suburbs. Since their founding OSI Food Solutions has become recognized on a global level. OSI manufactures many types of foods and dressing; some of the most popular include sausages, salad dressings and mayonnaise based spreads as well as prepackaged meals solutions and chicken based products such as chicken nuggets.

When OSI Food Solutions opened a facility in Germany they did not want to disappoint the local communities. They extended their food variety to include not only chicken products like pattys and nuggets but to also offer the people of Germany variety with pork and beef based products. In addition to building on their meat variety they also put a focus on soups, beans doughs and breads so that their consumer base could continue to expand.

To date OSI Food Solutions has more than sixty five production facilities in more than twenty countries. This impressive amount of production locations allows them to target individual markets such as America, Spain and Germany in efforts to provide local favorites effectively.

This wide spread notability is impressive considering the meager beginnings that surrounded the founding of OSI. In 1909 a German immigrant to Chicago named Otto Kolschowsky started the path for his American dream. He opened a local butcher shop. By 1928 he turned it into a family business and renamed it to Otto & Sons. The demand grew from the surrounding communities. Another local business entrepreneur named Ray Kroc entered into a business deal with Otto. Ray was the first local business franchise owner for McDonalds. Otto & Sons was a local legend for their high quality meat and Ray wanted only the best local meat served on his McDonald’s burgers. This partnership launched OSI into the future. As McDonalds expanded so did the need for the premier beef that Otto & Sons provided. In 1975 Otto & Sons because OSI and expanded into the Western suburbs of Chicago and continued their global expansion to bring their top quality products to new communities across the world.

Find more about OSI Food Solutions: http://www.responsiblesoy.org/miembro/osi-food-solutions-europe/?lang=en

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