Luke Lazarus Consults Businesses How to Thrive Past Startup Pains

 Living in an Advanced World

Every Institution has to pay the price for living in an advanced world. The modern world is a competitive place for all those seeking to make contributions to society and those who have come before them. Daily we read about how one company performed better than another and received some form of recognition.

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We also are reminded how company A brought out a product that beat company B to market and won a more significant profit share, while company D failed to see the opportunity and fell to third or fourth position. In de time, these companies keep battling out until one stands as “king of the mountain.”

On the other hand, companies also need to show signs of sustainability and being GoGreen ready with their products.

Can anyone understand the enormous pressure of a new startup must have when they enter into this competitive market? Even with years of experience, exposure to business, and perhaps connections in the business world, it may even seem a difficult challenge for anyone to begin a startup business under these conditions.

Where there is a Challenge There is a Way

Luke Lazarus grew up in Perth and found his way into the business world in a very “young boy’s” approach if we can put it that way because Luke was only eight years of age when he got his first stroke of inspiration for an idea he imagined he could turn into a business.

Reports, interviews, and from the man himself,m, confirms his childhood experience. Luke told one reporter he had to convince one of his childhood friends his business would work only if they would follow his “directions,” he had written down in his notebook (with sketches).

Road to Business Leadership

Let’s say his parents must have been proud of him, his friends amazed, and Luke Lazarus must have had a big jolt of feel-good at his success story.

Regardless of all, we can conjecture that happened, those early experiences formed the core of Luke Lazarus’ attraction to business and probably the reason he was so well prepared after all of his K-12 schooling and college preparations.

His earlier interviews reveal that Luke Lazarus was offered multiple scholarships in foreign countries, but wanted to remain in Australia and decided to attend Melbourne Business School and study for an MBA.

Business Success and Beyond

After a few years at Melbourne, Luke Lazarus completed his degree and began his professional career.

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Another fact that interviews confirm about his job is only after eight years of his graduating from Melbourne he had launched four of his business plans, managed them to success and before reaching the age of thirty-two had amassed a small lucrative return on his investment in his education and small business adventures because he sold all four of his businesses and in the end launched a consultancy that would operate in Australia that would concentrate on helping startup businesses get past startup difficulties and be able to thrive in the business world-a world he had zoomed thru with success.

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