US Money Reserve CEO Shares Past Experiences

People who love looking at and buying rare or highly variable gold and silver coins probably are familiar with US Money Reserve, a precious metals company that’s had many infomercials aired on TV over the years. But they may not know as much about Angela Koch, the woman who leads this company as CEO.

Koch has helped the company generate millions in revenue, and she’s helped organize various direct response TV marketing campaigns. But you might be surprised to hear that she got to where she is at US Money Reserve the long way, a working mother who figured out how to get through several other jobs and developed a business system that has enabled her to succeed in her position.

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Angela Koch never got to finish college, and in her early career she found herself working part-time at a pharmacy and electrical company. While she never had a formal education with advanced certifications to fall back on in her resume, she had a knack for catching onto the things that could help her advance to a higher position.

She would then work at an advanced computational system and inspection units company, and even at a Jewish foundation and a business owner’s ranch getting it certified.

The accomplishments she had doing these jobs gained her the entry into US Money Reserve, and the executive committee saw how valuable her work was that they eventually promoted her to CEO.

Today, Koch makes it her mission to make her employees better than they are and given the liberty to solve challenges on their own. She is a believer in potential and says the growth of people is far more important than just the growth of revenue because when employees become better, increased revenue will be the result.

US Money Reserve has many career opportunities for business, economics and marketing people, but they also sell products that customers who want to preserve their wealth long-term should take a look at. Gold and silver coins and bullion are important if you’re looking to add them as an enduring piece of your life that will one day be passed on, or if your collection enthusiast.

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But you can also have physical gold and silver for when times of economic inflation, market crashes and the value of fiat currency lowers. Precious metals like gold and silver are known to hold value during these times.

US Money Reserve has one of the most exquisite collections of coins in its vault, and you can find out more about them by going to their website at

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