Venture Capitalists and Business Funding with James River Capital and Paul Saunders

It is not unusual for people to run into funding problems with their small business. After all, getting a business started is an expensive process and many people sink their entire savings accounts into their idea. They might even take out loans from family members and friends. Even though this is a good place to start, people are going to eventually need other sources of funding to keep their business dream alive. Those who are looking for help shoulder take a look at some of the advice that was offered by Paul Saunders, the founder and CEO of James River Capital.


James River Capital is one of the leading companies in the finance industry. The company is involved in numerous types of asset trading and provides assistance to companies and businesses. The founder, Paul Saunders, has an MBA from the University of Chicago. Over the past 25 years, he has turned his company into a giant success. Paul Saunders also enjoys sharing his knowledge and wisdom with other people who are looking to get their small business idea started.

One of the often-overlooked sources of business funding comes from venture capitalists. These individuals use the money that they get from various clients and invest in companies that can provide a relatively quick return. The capitalists will fund a business idea and expect a return on their money in the next 5-7 years. Often, they are expecting to get many times their money back for themselves and their clients. This is how venture capitalists make money; however, they can also provide large sums of money to get a business started in short order.

In order for someone to win the investment of a venture capitalist group, Mr. Saunders cautions that people will need to be very well-prepared. These people expect a very detail-oriented plan before they are willing to provide such large sums of money.

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