Watford’s Gino Pozzo Praised As One Of The World’s Best Soccer Club Owners

The soccer sector is one of the ficklest in the world with fans and experts turning on a coach or owner after only a few bad results. Remaining successful in soccer is a difficult thing to do for more than a couple of seasons, but Watford FC owner, Gino Pozzo is part of a family that has been successful in the sport for more than two decades. The Pozzo family were the first to own clubs in the three top European soccer leagues at the same time and continue to make a dual success of running Italian club Udinese and Premier League Watford.

In 2018, the influential Talk Sport Radio station named Gino Pozzo the fourth most respected soccer club owner in Europe because of his innovative approach to the game. In just four seasons in the Premier League, Watford has established itself as a leading club and found themselves in the FA Cup Final. The question to ask when talking about Gino Pozzo is what is a success for a small club on the outskirts of London.

The English Premier League is unpredictable, as shown by the success of Leicester City in winning the League a few seasons ago. However, Gino Pozzo is an owner with his feet on the ground who does not believe in setting unfair expectations for his staff or for fans. Instead, staying in the Premier League is the priority alongside developing young players. If Watford is to stay successful and remain in the promised land of the Premier League, Gino Pozzo believes the story should always be about bringing through young players before selling them to larger clubs. Scott Duxbury, CEO of Watford FC explains the change in the approach of Gino Pozzo was difficult to adapt to but he believes the club is far stringer and stable than it was in the past under the Pozzo family’s leadership.

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