OSI Industries Will Begin Co-Manufacturing Impossible Burger with Impossible Foods

The innovative food startup, Impossible Foods, has partnered with OSI Industries to co-manufacture the Impossible Burger on a larger scale. As its name suggests, the Impossible Burger accomplishes something that many people consider impossible, which is for a plant-based product to taste like meat. Impossible Foods invested years of research in developing its Impossible Burger, and there is now a surge of consumer interest in the product. Demand has increased so much that it outstripped the startup’s capacity to produce the burger quickly enough to meet inventory needs. The partnership with OSI Industries, which is already the biggest provider of protein on the globe, is a development that will significantly increase the public’s access to the Impossible Burger.

Impossible Foods has the goal of changing how a significant percentage of the population gets their protein. Plant sources of this critical building block are considered much more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Impossible Foods designed the Impossible Burger 2.0 to taste so much like meat that consumers could find it a real alternative to traditional burgers. The goal of Impossible Foods has always been to make its protein products an attractive alternative source for protein that can replace meat for a large number of people. Consumer interest in the Impossible Burger finally increased earlier this year when an upgraded version of the burger was released. OSI Industries has extensive infrastructure and broad experience in the food manufacturing industry. As a co-manufacturer for the Impossible Burger, OSI Industries is capable of ramping up the production of the burger to the scale that would be necessary to make an impact.

There are a variety of reasons why the popularity of the Impossible Burger has increased so much. The public is becoming more aware of the environmental impact of meat production, which drives interest in protein alternatives. The Impossible Burger is also benefitting from the positive buzz on social media, which has made many people curious to try the burger. Another factor is increased availability, including the recent announcement that Burger King will be offering the Impossible Burger throughout the US. Having OSI Industries as co-manufacturer will allow Impossible Foods to meet this increased demand.

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