Steve Lesnard Gives Out Product Marketing Advice

Upon searching Google for “Steve Lesnard,” the eighth result on page one links to a feature by Steve Lesnard and made available to the Medium website. Written on January 28th, the title of Lesnard’s piece is “The Art of Product Marketing in the Digital World.” It is a short read.

Although a brief article, it is loaded with information. It contains advice from Steve Lesnard on how to successfully market new products amidst quickly and constantly changing digital and social mediums. Lesnard focuses on two key principles. When put to use, they help any product marketing team successfully introduce a product. If companies forgo these strategies, their marketing efforts may be fruitless.

The first marketing principle Lesnard discusses is “Keep it simple to make it memorable.” Lesnard does more than explaining how this works; he points to a real-life example of this practice being put to use. He references Walt Disney’s success at clearly communicating benefits, before taking a look at the successful iPod marketing campaign, “10k Songs in Your Pocket.” He explains that Apple focused on one single benefit of their product. In doing so, Lesnard explains that the company committed to telling a story about “simplicity and emotion at a time when the industry was racing for technical supremacy.” Today, Apples continues this strategy of focusing on single, clearly defined product benefits. Lesnard then turns to Peleton, and he looks at how that company chose to market an experience, instead of their product, a spinning bike.

The second marketing principle Steve Lesnard discusses is “Bring it to life to make it real.” Lesnard turns to the marketing successes at Yeti to illustrate this approach. By showcasing how Yeti products work, an experience is brought to life. Yeti purposely focuses on showcasing products by placement in their intended environment. The value of the Yeti product is reinforced through the use of models showing the product at work.

Lesnard concludes that companies launching a product must focus on product benefit, creative means to share that benefit and the potential use of “ambassadors” to further illustrate a product’s benefits.

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Greg Blatt’s Leadership Skills Lead to a Unique Outlook on an Evolving Business World

Greg Blatt has always looked for optional ways of achieving business goals. With that outlook of continual pressure to find new ways of doing things, Blatt has become a leader in numerous types of business over the years. Greg Blatt  is probably most known for being the CEO of Tinder but has also been a critical part of the development of Match Group and IAC.


Greg Blatt received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Colgate University and a Doctor of Law from Columbia Law School. His early career was legal work in New York. But his interest in creativity drew him to Southern California and production in Hollywood. His experience in the legal world led to a position as general counsel for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. (Available information about Blatt´s academic background at Wallmine articles).


Having had a successful run there, Greg Blatt continued on as a leader in dating services, an area of business he believed held a lot of potential. He experimented with a number of possible business models in parallel, a move which at first led to trepidation about these separate approaches stepping on or diluting each other’s potential for revenue. But on the contrary, business statistics proved otherwise. He was a fundamental part of the progression of Tinders since Blatt launched the Tinder Plus subscription platform, which quickly gained a following, and in the growth of Match Group as its CEO.


As always, Greg Blatt continues to be on the lookout for new and hidden opportunities which can be fostered by his leadership experience. His work in not only the dating service sector but in its application to new technology have contributed to his ever-widening base of knowledge and its facility for identifying tributaries to a business that otherwise might not appear immediately related. Here is where Greg Blatt can explore and continue to set an example as an entrepreneurial pioneer.

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Stansberry Research Releases New Product, Extreme Value

Stansberry Research Was founded in 1999 as an independent investment research firm. Stansberry Research is a privately owned American publishing company that is headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company also has offices in Oregon, California, and Florida. Containing monthly and bi-monthly advisory newsletters, the company specializes in investment research with am information service product line (Releasefact). 


Before the company became Stansberry Research, it was previously known as Stansberry and Associates Investment Research. Me. Frank Porter Stansberry is the founder of Stansberry Research. Mr.Stansberry composes opinion pieces in a variety of controversial and diverse issues extending from auto bailout to the European financial panic. Porter Stansberry is also the editor of Stansberry Investment Advisory. He was the first American editor of the oldest English language financial newsletter, The Fleet Street Letter prior to launching Stansberry Research in the year 1999. 


Stansberry Research provides information to customers they would want if the roles were reversed. Strategies and advice Stansberry would want their families to read and follow are the only analysts they publish. The company offers a variety of opinions. Stansberry Research has a team of experienced analyst and editors with their individual unique investment philosophies and strategies. The Stansberry company believes in a long-term approach, building long-term relationships with their customers. They do not earn a profit from marketing trial subscribers. 


Providing reliable, profitable and actionable advice helps Stansberry seek long-term relationships with their clients. Simply treating clients the way they would like to be treated is an overall company goal. No-risk subscriptions and unmatched customer service are what Stansberry Research believes in. Whether publishers or fiduciaries, investment advisors should provide an accounting of the results of their advice. Stansberry creates more diverse opportunities for subscribers by having a multi-franchise approach that gives the company’s work a greater breadth. Stansberry Research believes in accountability and transparency. 


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Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva, changing the scope of law through high ethical standards

The scope of the law is packed with hordes of unjust lawyers and judges who for a long time, have tarnished the corridors of justice with their corrupt ways. However, amidst this lot, few individuals strive to do what is right and work themselves to the core to change the system by getting rid of the bad guys, and Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva is among them.

Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva is a man whose name will forever remain embedded on the corridors of justice for his tireless efforts in changing the way people view the law. Currently Sao Paulo’s court of appeals chief judge, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has come quite a long way, and he is a man who the world watched grow himself to the powerful, honorable and ethical man we see today. 

How his journey began

Marco Antonio was born and raised in Sao Paulo, in a place called Itapetininga to be precise, back in 1958. From the word go, he had the passion for helping people, by changing the system to suit everyone and in respect to that, has pursued law all his life. His first step to becoming a judge worth his salt began at Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo law school where he earned bachelor’s in law in 1981 (Mundodomarketing). 

However, his vision was to become a great man, and he knew very well that even though a bachelor in law was and is still highly esteemed in the society, it was not enough to steer him to his goal. In respect to that, he furthered his studies in law in the same facility and graduated with a masters. Later, Marco earned a doctorate in criminal procedural law. He also pursued a teaching degree and a post-doctoral degree in economics and European criminal law which added even more possibilities for him. 

Fresh from school, Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva began practicing as a professional lecturer until 2003, and once he achieved tenure, he began serving as a member of the state judiciary. He served various counties led by his home county, Sao Paulo, Monte Alto and many others. Thanks to his sheer hard work and unique way of doing things, it was not long before he was promoted to substitute judge and after a while, he was promoted to the position he serves today. Since then, Marco has never looked back and boasts an incredible resume. 

Besides his long-standing career as a professor at PUC-SP and as a judge, Marco Antonio Marques Da Silva boasts impressive writing skills and is the author of fourteen law books which talk about the current law procedures. Marco is also a member of a long string of higher education-related organizations such as the Sergio Vieira de Mello academic program where he is the president, the scientific council of the Lisbon law review among many others. His incredible efforts have not gone unnoticed as he has bagged various awards and received many honors. 

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The Living Legend Laerte Codonho is Just as Popular as His Dolly Creation

Laerte Codonho is a man who has taken on giants and won.


The Brazilian businessman is the founder of one of his country’s most iconic brands of soda, Dolly. The company was founded in 1987 and swiftly became a popular brand in the southeast regions of Brazil. Dolly introduced diet soda to Brazil. 


The success of Dolly soon attracted competition from some of the biggest names in the soda industry, including the ultimate behemoth, Coca-Cola. The cash-rich and powerful American company posed a serious competitive challenge to Dolly. Laerte Codonho understood that if his brand was to survive and thrive, he would need to develop unique ways to compete with some of the biggest brands in the world eager to get their share of the vast Brazilian consumer market (Facebook).


Laerte Codonho built his brand on a concept of quality. In all of his marketing messages, he emphasized the idea that his soda was superior in taste and content. One of his early slogans was, “Dolly: for those who are not afraid to change… for the better.” In support of that was Laertes creation, Dollynho, a cheerful and energetic mascot that was an anthropomorphic bottle of soda.


Dollynho proved a huge success. The image was highly conducive to internet memes, TV ads and other media images that garnered huge recognition for the Dolly brand. Coca-Cola did everything it could to counter the growing popularity of Dolly.


Laerte Codonho said his company was having considerable success in siphoning off customers and profits from Coca-Cola. But the American firm countered with a variety of tactics involving government influence, the legal system and market factors. Laerte Codonho knows big companies like Coke have huge budgets for lawyers, lobbyists and gigantic advertising firms that are good at squashing “the little guy.”


Laerte Codonho not only fought back but proved that his was a company to contend with. He instituted a marketing plan heavily centered on educating the public about the superior quality of his brand – and also the nature of the unfair competition.


His success in battling the giants has made Laerte Codonho a legend in the Brazilian world of business.

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When Others Can’t, Colbeck Capital Management Delivers Finance Solutions

Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman founded Coldbeck Capital Management in 2009. The duo started the New York City based financial services company to handle their own investments and to assist other investors with their strategic financing needs. With flexible and creative financing solutions, the team at Coldbeck Capital Management meets the needs of corporate financing projects through the advice and strategy implementation of their experienced, talented and trusted team. Colodne and Beckman remain very active with their company. They both lead the Coldbeck Capital Management as managing partners. Over the last 10 years the company has grown from its New York City location to serve new and return customers out of a Los Angeles, CA location too.

The expert knowledge of Colodne and Beckman has spread throughout the growing company. Colbeck team members have attributed to the company’s many, notable successes. The team’s accomplishments have been featured in numerous media publications. Among those publications are MarketWatch and Business Wire. MarketWatch and Business Wire both ran stories in April, 2019 highlighting a $65 million deal involving Coldbeck Capital Management. Colodne and Beckman have surrounded themselves with more than a dozen additional finance experts to help with the companies stellar services and continued growth.

Six different specialty areas are handled by the experts at Colbeck Capital Management. Customers can chose senior secured loans that utilize assets to provide cash and facilitate increased enterprise value. Second lien/mezzanine and structured equity financing is also available. Colbeck Capital Management customers can also use the company’s services for short-term and long-term maturities, covenants, debtor in possession and exit financing, and unfunded commitments and synthetic credit letters. The company prides itself in being able to handle hard to finance situations. When other companies have been unable to provide financing, Colbeck Capital Management has stood out due to their ability to secure financing. Their creative and trusted approaches bring about needed finance solutions. Among those solutions are tight time deadlines with complex issues, restructuring with multiple constituents, non-traditional assets and PIK and cash interest. The company also offers solutions for companies lacking a bank or without enough banking services, as well as management buyouts from opportunities with and without sponsorship.

More than 4,000 annual visitors head to the company’s website to learn more about the available services the team can offer. Those interested can check it out today by visiting The website does a great job in laying out Colbeck’s services, and it also provides insight into the company’s team. An easy to use contact form is also available on the company website. Colbeck Capital Management can also be reached by email or phone at [email protected] and 212-603-2800. Visit them in person by heading to 7th avenue in New York City or Century Park East in Los Angeles. Their New York address is 888 7th Avenue, 29th Floor, New York, NY 10106. In Los Angeles find them at 2049 Century Park East, 3rd Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067.

Angela Koch Takes an Unconventional Route to an Unconventional Position

Angela Koch is the only CEO in the precious metals industry who is a woman, a role she accepts as both unique and vitally important. In her post as head of the U.S. Money Reserve, she both oversees and the sets the pace of what is one of the largest private distributors of silver, gold and platinum coins issued by the U.S. government.

The seriousness of her role is reflected by the way Koch cares for her employees. She follows the philosophy that workers can be given the opportunity both grow and actively participate in the company, creating an environment that will be healthy for everyone.

This also means having enough confidence in employees to let them make decisions on their own.

The journey of Koch to the top of the U.S. Money Reserve was in itself unconventional. After dropping out of college and starting a family, she found herself in the role of helping her husband, then a would-be professional golfer, pay the household bills.

This involved working at two or three jobs at a time in various capacities and at companies that were both large and small. Despite her Christian faith, she even worked once at a Jewish Foundation. One thing she did notice was that she was good in whatever work she did, this despite lacking a college degree.

In her work at KLA-Tencor, she gained experience in strategic business planning. In her work on a ranch, she helped establish procedures that could benefit others in the agricultural industry. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve | Glassdoor

It was after her departure from her ranch duties that she arrived at the U.S. Money Reserve, where she helped develop a system that integrated sales with marketing. She also developed a devotion to customer service, which would ultimately pave her way to her current CEO post.

Koch is still dedicated to expanding the company, using certain principles to achieve her goals. She firmly believes in making decisions and not looking back after a decision has been made.

She also believes in living in such a way so to balance her professional and personal objectives. Koch emphasizes that others should always recognize their strengths and utilize them as much as possible in order to achieve success.

Founded in 2001, the U.S. Money Reserve adheres to the principle of striving for the highest levels of service when it comes to helping its clientele make decisions regarding the purchase of precious metals.

Based in Austin, Texas, the company has in its history served more than half a million customers, providing them with coins that have the greatest potential for growth.

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Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Holds a Wine Dinner for Fountain House in New York City

Jeremy Goldstein, a New York lawyer, hosted a fabulous gala on May 21. He dubbed the wine dinner charity event as “Mental Illness: You Are Not “A Rhone.” The title honored Jim Finkel. The dinner went down on the roof deck of the Nomad Hotel between 6.00 pm and 10.00pm. The lawyer organized this charity event to collect funds for the Fountain House.


About Fountain House


The Fountain House is a charity that assists people with mental illnesses to lead a healthy life. In 1944, several people who were suffering from mental diseases decided to form a support group, and that’s how Fountain House was born. The support group went by the name “We Are Not Alone.”


In 1948, the group purchased a building standing behind a large fountain. They all believed that the fountain was a befitting symbol for its goals, and as such, named the building “Fountain House.” Since its establishment, Fountain House has done a fantastic job. It provides affordable housing as well as employment opportunities for people with mental illnesses. Anyone who knows the severity of mental illness in the country can’t help but realize the fantastic job that Fountain House has been doing.


In its mission to help people living with mental illness, Fountain House does the following:


  • Serves as an advocate for people diagnosed with mental illness and effortlessly reshape the perception of these people.
  • It collaborates with the local and international communities to spread the values of Fountain House.
  • It conducts research and then shares their findings to help in the creation of innovative programs capable of encouraging smooth recovery from mental conditions.
  • Fountain House runs mental health programs across New York City.

Some of its initiatives include:

  • Provision of a safe and stable living place for 500 people living with mental illness every year. The desire to end homelessness amongst people with mental illnesses is their driving force.
  • Reducing the amount of time people with mental illness spend in the hospital. This initiative has led to a decrease in Medicaid costs by 21%.
  • 77% of Fountain House clients graduate from high school. When left on their own, only 32% finish high school.


Fountain House does a fantastic job of giving people with mental illness the confidence they need to conquer the world. By making them employable (via its education system), they gain some independence and become useful members of the society.


About Jeremy Goldstein


Attorney Goldstein is a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The boutique law firm specializes in offering advisory services to compensation committees, corporations, and management teams in issues to do with corporate governance and executive compensation. The advice comes in handy in sensitive topics such as transformative corporate events. Before establishing his firm, the attorney was a partner in a large law firm in New York.


He obtained his J.D from the School of Law, New York University. Goldstein also holds an M.A, obtained from the University of Chicago, as well as a B.A from Cornell University. The member of the Fountain House board of directors is a frequent writer and speaker on executive compensation and corporate governance matters.


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OSI Food Solutions Fosters Deep Commitment to Sustainable Practices

OSI Food Solutions is a meat processing company that spans the globe. As such, it has put the concept of sustainable food production and processing at the core of its operating philosophy. OSI is a company that recognizes it is functioning on a planet that is experiencing rapidly changing conditions in terms of climate and population growth. If any major firm in the food sector is to continue to feed a planet with billions of people, it must do so in an environmentally sensitive and sound way. OSI Food Solutions has mapped out three broad categories to frame its sustainable approach:

Sustainable Supply

This means being committed to the solicitous care of animals and scientifically directed use of animal medicines that foster the humane treatment of farm animals within the OSI Food Solutions supply chain. A key goal is to minimize vital antimicrobials from application in the food supply chain.

Environmental Protection

The company is focused on reducing its environmental impact by way of proactive mitigation activities and careful, well-managed stewardship of vulnerable components making up the supply chain. An important aspect of this is reducing the amount of greenhouse gases that result from day-to-day production activities. Reducing the usage of freshwater resources is also a major goal. Building resistance factors to counter climate change in a range of areas is an ongoing effort.

Social Responsibility

OSI Food Solutions is dedicated to operating safe work environments and supporting those communities that have welcomed OSI facilities into their cities and neighborhoods around the world. This means minimizing workplace hazards, respecting workers’ rights, fostering diversity, enriching communities and providing safe, wholesome foods to customers. OSI officials say they recognize the importance of nurturing trusting partnerships among the company’s raw material suppliers. There is a constant effort to seek engagement through independent industry groups. An example is OSI’s recent partnership with the Global Roundtable/Sustainable Beef (GRSB). OSI Senior Vice President Nicole Johnson-Hoffman was recently named the president of the GRSB. She also serves as OSI’s chief sustainability officer. This connection is one example of the synergistic effort and mutual purpose inherent in OSI Food Solutions’ commitment to sustainability.

Fortress Investment Group Purchased Approved After All Conditions Met

It was announced at the end of 2017 that the proposed acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank Group was complete. The transaction between the two companies was completed in cash for $3.3 billion. After the purchase was completed, every share of the investment firm belonged to SoftBank Group. The transaction that took place in December was approved by the shareholders of Fortress Investment Group along with meeting all of the applicable regulations. The price per share that was agreed upon was $8.08 and the stock of the company is no longer trading on the New York Stock Exchange. These terms were agreed to on July 12 of that year. As of December 27, 2017, the investment firm was considered consolidated by SoftBank Group. More Businesses at Fortress on

SoftBank Group is headquartered in Tokyo, but the headquarters of Fortress Investment Group will remain in New York. The principals of the company, Peter Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens, are staying with it in the same leadership roles. Also, the culture, processes, personnel, business model, and brand will stay the same at the firm. One of the factors that led to the purchase of Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank was the strong track record that the company has shown since they were founded more than two decades ago in 2008. The global investment firm has a diverse portfolio and manages several billion dollars for its investors. The investment strategies that the firm uses include real estate, credit, private equity, permanent capital, and other investment vehicles.

The year following the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group proved to be a big one for the company that was working to adapt to integrating with SoftBank. They have been investing in large projects such as high-profile real estate deals in the middle of New York City. By not trading on the New York Stock Exchange, Fortress Investment Group has been able to make business decisions based on the long-term success of the company rather than the immediate satisfaction of shareholders that were looking for quick returns. It’s a business decision that other companies may end up following similarly as when they first went public.