Old Time Gumps Will Be New Again


Those looking to make purchases from Gumps of California and New York should be pleased to learn that the store will be re-opened in these cities in the Fall of 2019. After being owned and operated by the Solomon Gump family for over 150 years, the corporation was acquired by John and Diane Chachas who were investors in the business for the past ten years.

The Chachas family are now majority owners, they will relinquish operations to the Gump family so that the long-standing traditions and commitment to quality products and services can be maintained. Refer to This Article for additional information.

The absence of Gumps from the retail market has made the heart of its customers grow fonder. The store is famous as a luxury retailer dealing in unique gifts and high-end jewelry. Gumps has always been known for exotic pieces such as cultured pearls, jade jewelry from Asia, and rare gemstones placed in individually designed settings and the Chachas family promises that will not change. The store also has a crystal and china department and stocks pieces from global designers like Hermes and Buccellati.

Gumps has served millions of patrons over the years. San Francisco and New York locals and tourists alike will be happy that they can take advantage of Gumps’ treasures just in time for the December 2019 holidays. New sites for the brick and mortar stores have not yet been located but San Francisco and New York will remain as home base. The online operation will also resume according to the same time schedule.

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