In-depth with Renowned Marketing Expert Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo Martinez has no doubt created one of the most revered careers in the marketing and advertising industry. Throughout his 35 year career, Gustavo Martinez has managed to oversee some of the most well known and successful ads. Mr.Martinez has also served in a variety of high-level positions such as being the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, one of the most prestigious marketing firms in the world. Other positions he’s head are president of McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy and Mather and Henkel and Price Waterhouse. We recently sat down with Mr.Martinez to go a little more in-depth about his career and life.


We’ve noticed that you have moved away from the scope of traditional marketing, can you explain this recent move on your part?


Mr.Martinez states that he must first describe the definition of consulting. Consulting is essentially a short way of saying an independent contractor that provides companies a level of guidance within their strategic and operational levels, the cornerstone of marketing, says Gustavo Martinez. He adds that the key to a successful marketing plan is one where creativity resides, and not when set standards have been laid out which must be adhered to.


How do you bring your ideas to life?


Creativity is the most important element in a good marketing team. Therefore, it is paramount to have a diversity of people with different backgrounds and experiences. In addition to this, a great leader should always keep their team motivated. This can be done by placing them within projects that they are genuinely passionate about. Lastly, recognition is also something to pay attention to, says Mr.Martinez. Mr.Martinez adds that he always makes sure to create an environment where his team members are recognized for their achievement; it really is a huge motivator.


What is one trend that really excites you at the moment?


The internet of things isn’t really getting the recognition it deserves, and thus many in the field are not paying attention to it, says Mr.Martinez. He provides the example of selling ice cream. The internet of things can assure that your brand will be able to showcase itself to the right customers all over the world. Any business owner would surely pay for having that kind of exposure, says Gustavo Martinez.


What is something that you agree with that many may not?


Gustavo Martinez states that the most important thing to do is give to charity, but not because you want a certain level of status but because you genially care for this charity. Anything besides that is simply advertising for yourself or your company, says Mr.Martinez. Mr.Martinez concludes by saying that if you want to donate to a certain charity, great, but always remember that charity starts at home.


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