American Addiction Centers Salute Veterans With Special Addiction Program

United States Veterans encountered much self denial when they took the oath to protect and defend their country. This became their main objective, and with this often came the need to vent, retaliate, become secluded, depression, stress, and other issues that veterans held inside. Today many American veterans have turned to drug and alcohol abuse as a way of coping.

A large majority of substance abusers are veterans, and many of them do not receive proper treatment for this disease. The age ranges from young military members to older, retired veterans. The American Addiction Centers have initiated a program especially for veterans with addiction problems called The Salute To Recovery Program.

American Addiction Center is a nationwide provider to treatments for substance abuse. They treat people who are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, or mental or behavioral health issues.

The centers take the big picture approach to treatment, meaning that they treat the whole person by considering how environment, lifestyle, co-occurring health disorders, and general health may play a part in the addiction.

Their individualized treatment plans are customized through research based treatments. The aftercare is designed to look ahead for the many challenges that a client may have to face. Read more: American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor and American Addiction Centers New Docuseries Unveils The Realities of Recovery

The Salute to Recovery Program was launched at the Desert Hope treatment Center which is a leading provider of treatment services and a lifeline to numerous veterans who suffer alone from alcohol or drug abuse, or re-occurring mental health conditions. The American Addiction Centers conducted a study on the mental health, and substance abuse status of some American veterans.

The findings concluded that only 50% of service members who returned home and needed treatment for addiction actually sought help. Other findings indicated that nearly 60% to 80% of veterans from the Vietnam War were diagnosed with disorders from alcohol abuse. In recent years, four out of five veterans stated they were unable to work because of physical or mental limitations after serving in the armed forces.

The Desert Hope Treatment Center has been designated as a Veterans Choice Provider. This means that veterans can have their care and treatment covered by the Veterans Administration if they qualify.

Many of the staff members at Desert Hope Treatment Center are veterans themselves, and can easily understand the veteran’s plight, and show compassion for what they are going through. The veterans will spend a large portion of their time in group therapy sessions with their peers.

The Salute to Recovery Program has a curriculum where veterans will be educated about the addiction disease, and they will learn about the coping skills that are required in order to live their life in recovery. Many types of therapy are avialable to suit every veteran.

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