Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer: Redefining the Brazilian Business Space through e.bricks Ventures


Did you know that RBS Group is the biggest media entity in Latin America? Although the company has been under different managements, it has been consistent in terms of growth and expansion in different markets. For example, the company’s main agenda in the multimedia market is to make entertainment and information available to people. Under the management of Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer and other executives, the company has achieved the following.


In the last six decades, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has assisted the company in creating a vibrant space — whereby all the stakeholders feel at home. According to him, advertisers and the business community view this entity as an essential partner in their daily operations. On the other hand, the company has successfully retained an enormous following. Melzer believes that this is one of the reasons why the company exists in this competitive market.


Second, under the leadership of Melzer and other executives, the company has created innovative programs. According to him, the main reason why the company is home to vibrant programs is to give listeners and viewers an avenue to learn and get entertainment. Through different studies — on multimedia popularity in this Latin American market — the company has proved that consistency is achievable. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also understands that clients are more likely to trust a consistent company, as opposed to an inconsistent entity.


Although multimedia as an industry is hugely unregulated, RBS Group is the most ethical company in this industry. According to Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the company must ensure that all the company’s engagements (with different stakeholders) are transparent and verifiable. For example, all the advertising gigs — through the company’s platforms — must meet a set of criteria. This approach to advertising has revolutionized Brazilian advertising space.


In addition to streamlining the world of multimedia and advertising, he is also an essential figure in the investment world. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer believes that the main reason why many companies are closing and going bankrupt is — lack of proper guidance as far as funds are concerned. Therefore, he not only makes funds available to business owners, but Melzer ensures that the business executives have the right information on finance.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Setting New Benchmarks in Global E-commerce Industry is known across the globe for the innovation it has bought in the field of e-commerce, not only in China where it primarily operates but around the world. The benchmark that has set in the field of e-commerce under the leadership of Richard Liu Qiangdong resonates across the e-commerce industry globally. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that even though the field of e-commerce is highly competitive and looks saturated, numerous opportunities and possibilities are waiting to be exploited. It is his thirst to discover new possibilities is what has led him to experiment with AI technology and robotic delivery. In the next few years, Richard Liu Qiangdong hopes to make robotic delivery a possibility and is planning and develop infrastructure to back the technology in the years to come.

The focus of Richard Liu on logistics and supply chain management is not new as in the past as well; he saw how working with third-party courier services bruised the market reputation of the company and caused huge losses. It is for this reason; Richard Liu Qiangdong invested millions into building warehouses dotted across the country and starting in-house logistics operations that would make it easier for the company to operate efficiently and reliably. The losses that occurred during the transit of products reduced drastically, and it pushed the revenue as well as the customer experience north.

Richard Liu Qiangdong started with a small store selling magneto-optical products in Beijing, and through his sheer passion, dedication, and hard work turned it into a multi-billion dollar enterprise. It has the market valuation of more than $60 billion and is the first e-commerce company to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and is also the first Chinese company to be listed on NASDAQ. Richard Liu Qiangdong doesn’t mind pushing the set boundaries to explore the unknown, and it is this aggressive and sharp personality combined with business foresight is what has helped him take on the competition in the e-commerce sector head-on. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a graduate from Renmin University, where he studied sociology and later joined China Europe International Business School to complete Masters in Business Administration.

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Nitin Khanna Has A Simple Strategy To Success

Though Nitin Khanna has gained recognition for being an innovative entrepreneur in the tech industry, those are not his only talents. He is also a DJ, an Executive Producer, has made his own wine, and is a devoted family man.

The son of a military man, Khanna was born in India in 1971. He arrived in the United States at the young age of 17 to further his education. Khanna obtained an undergraduate and then a master’s degree from Purdue University, majoring in Industrial Engineering. He was in the middle of obtaining his Ph.D. in robotics when he decided to leave academia. Shortly thereafter, he started Saber Corp, a company that received much attention during the 2000 Presidential elections. In 2009, he began a mergers and acquisitions company called MergerTech and has been the CEO every since.

Because of his successful leadership in a number of companies, Khanna has solidified a work strategy that is simple, yet effective. The key is prioritization. Khanna adheres to the zero inbox philosophy, where no message or email goes unanswered for more than 24 hours. He begins his day at 5:30 am addressing any new messages received. This clears the rest of his morning to focus on the tasks for the day. He believes it is important to prioritize your schedule so that you don’t engage in things that are unproductive. Time is a commodity that Khanna values very much. “If a meeting can be done in five minutes there is no reason to take fifteen minutes.” Top executives know how to be efficient with their time by hiring people whose visions and expectations align with the company’s culture. Khanna firmly believes that what puts one company ahead of the competition is the people within the company. For example, his core instincts of strategizing and growth are complemented by his brother’s, who is more operationally minded.

Today, in between managing lucrative portfolios, Khanna also enjoys the family life. He has four children and always tries his best to keep 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm reserved just for them.

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Ted Bauman Knows What He is Talking About And Makes It Interesting Reading

Ted Bauman, editor of The Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill Publishing, is focused on helping people manage and protect their assets, avoid corporate greed and government interference while providing low-risk investment strategies. Bauman was born and raised on America’s east coast, and as a young man he emigrated to South America where he continued his education and attained post graduate degrees in History and Economics. While living in South America he held various executive positions in the nonprofit sector. He helped found Slum Dwellers Internationals that has gone on to assist more than 14 million people in 35 countries. Ted Bauman has always been focused on helping and protecting ordinary people.

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Writing about financial matters does not always make compelling reading, and Ted Bauman comments that his ability to write and catch peoples’ attention with interesting narratives is the value that he brings to Banyan Hill. In addition to his writing skills, he places great value on having as much information as possible in order to provide people with the knowledge they need to manage their prosperity. Ted Bauman is therefore always gathering information from mainstream media and also on obscure sites on the internet. His ability to correctly assess what he reads on such sites gives him an extra dimension when communicating through The Bauman Letter. Getting information from unorthodox sites and understanding how to evaluate it gives Bauman’s advice a unique edge. He also does all research himself and feels that this is vital for assessing all the information gathered.

Ted Bauman comments that he is excited about how people are not simply accepting the nature of the economy as in the past. Now people are questioning the present day economy and the problems that confront it. People are beginning to think about the role of large businesses and how beneficial they are to society. Today’s world is unpredictable, and Bauman recommends diversification and protecting assets against unforeseen events.

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Pre-IPO Trading As Seen by Finance Guru Omeed Malik


Omeed Malik has a unique holistic viewpoint regarding capital strategy, which he has honed over his lifetime of experiences. At present, he holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy and Political Science from Colgate University and a Juris Doctor from Emory University School of Law, where he graduated with honors.

Over the years he has acted as spokesperson for former NJ US Representative Donald Payne, a corporate attorney at Weil, Gotshal & Manges, Senior Vice President of MF Global, and Managing Director and Global Head of the Hedge Fund Advisory Business at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

Now CEO and Founder of Farvahar Partners, Omeed Malik is sharing his expertise. In an exclusive interview with Charlie Gasparino of Fox News (occurring May 19, 2019) Mr. Malik expounded on a trend he calls the “Shadow Market.”

According to Omeed Malik, this shadow market trend involves the trading of pre-IPO securities, which in turn allows for companies to remain private while still gaining needed liquidity, often prior to becoming public. Thanks to the signing of the 2012 Jobs Act, today’s market gives highly successful, highly valued private companies, who in the past would have had to go public in order to expand and grow, are now able to remain private longer before entering the public exchange, or even choose to forgo entirely entry into the public exchange.

A prime example of this came from Lyft. The company was able to maintain its private status longer as a result of the purchase and sale of the company by Carl Icahn before entering the public exchange. Indeed Omeed Malik implies that as long as transactions like this one remain in compliance with the SEC, they create a powerful positive investment option. Refer to This Article to learn more.


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Mark Holyoake Uses Professional Gymnast Skills To Train Athletes


Mark Holyoake is a personal trainer who was born in Wellington, New Zealand. He was a professional gymnast who competed as an all-rounder. At the 2006 Commonwealth Games, New Zealand’s gymnastics team placed 4th. He was 4th in the parallel bars. He retired from gymnastics in 2010.

Mark started competing in gymnastics when he was nine years old. He made New Zealand’s national development squad and competed in all gymnastic events. This includes parallel bars, pommel horse, floor routine, high bar, rings, and vault. He excelled in school and was able to get into Auckland University. Still competing in gymnastics while studying, Mark Holyoake earned a B.S. in sport and exercise science.

Gymnastics is not a sport that people can compete in for very long. With an eye to his future, Mark Holyoake became a part-time personal trainer while in college. This took place at the Auckland Regional Gymsport Centre located at Keith Hay Park. He was a role model for the younger people that worked out there. He showed them that if you work hard you can compete at higher and higher levels of your chosen sport.

Upon retirement, he found a job as a personal trainer at Les Mills International. He parlayed his gymnastics career and college education to become an in-demand personal trainer among his fellow athletes. Mark Holyaoke shows them how gymnastics moves could benefit them regardless of what sport they were focused on. He also shows them how to eat a healthy diet and maintain their well-being.

After he retired he became interested in CrossFit. He is now a member of the CrossFit community and competes in events across New Zealand. He also went into business for himself and opened gymnastics clinics where he teaches people of all ages and at every level of athletics. Click Here for more information.

Geeks News’ article entitled “Gymnastics To CrossFit: Mark Holyoake’s Road To Entrepreneurship” talks about how Mark Holyoake found success within the realm of local CrossFit gym ownership. The now-retired gymnast has parlayed his previously perfected skills into a thriving business that calls upon his best assets, experiences, and business savvy.

He recently joined forces with another entrepreneur, Tila Hamad. He established Carbon Method CrossFit with Tila Hamad. This company features precise coaching and high levels of attention on each client. Mark Holyoake relies upon his athletic experiences to get clients to the next level of fitness. He also trains the company’s coaches so they can best help clients of the company.


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Carsten Thiel Continues To Set An Example In The Biotech Industry For How To Market Treatments In An Ethical Way


Carsten Thiel is an entrepreneur who has been working in the biotech field for a good portion of his life. He attended Philipps University in Marburg, where he focused on biochemistry and chemistry. He also studied at the University of Bristol UK. He did his work for his Ph.D. in molecular biology while attending the Max Planck Institute, Goettingen.

An article with Medical Daily Times entitled “Carsten Thiel: Impactful Medicine”, talks about Thiel’s leadership, expertise, professional experience and contribution to the world of Biotechnology.

He has served Abeona Therapeutics as its CEO in the past and also worked with Alexion as its executive vice president chief commercial officer. A lot of his work has centered around the launching of pharmaceuticals, and he has led the way with many successful launches.

As an entrepreneur, Carsten Thiel has had to overcome many different difficulties during his career. He has had to make many decisions regarding how a product might be marketed or presented to the public, and he has always chosen to do so in a responsible and ethical way. Go To This Page for additional information.

One example of this came when he was working with a company that was ready to introduce a treatment for patients suffering with colorectal cancer. Right before the treatment was about to be released to the public it was discovered that there was a biomarker that would allow them to find out which patients had a greater chance of being treated by it. Instead of trying to make as much money as possible by not telling anyone about this, Thiel chose to be transparent and open about the discovery.

Carsten Thiel has learned to ask many questions as an entrepreneur, and this has helped him to stay productive. While others may want to rush forward without looking back, he knows that asking questions can help to save a lot of time. By eliminating any potential issues ahead of time, he has been able to save the companies he works with a lot of time and money.




Financial Services Company Strides Forward With New Issue

Dallas-based financial services provider NexBank recently announced that it had successfully executed an oversubscribed private placement of its senior unsecured notes. Reopening the initial offer raked in an additional $80 million, taking the total issuance to $155 million.

The notes have an investment grade of BBB and a stable outlook. They bear interest for five years at a fixed rate of 5.50%. After that they pay a floating rate based on a spread above the three-month LIBOR of 435.5 basis points. “The additional funds will allow us to fortify the balance sheet with capital,” said NexBank President and Chief Executive John Holt, “which in turn will allow us to continue to grow and increase our earnings.”

According to Matt Siekielski, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, the move will provide vital support to NexBank’s core operations. “These funds will provide the capital necessary to continue organic growth in our core businesses and capitalize on strategic opportunities in the future.” Financially, the future of the company seems very strong, according to the most recent information. Click Here for more information.

NexBank’s total assets reached $4.64 billion, a 71% growth rate. Their total deposits exceeded $3.22 billion, a 72% rate of growth, and total loans reached $2.83 billion, a 44% growth rate. Net income exceeded $83 million. Return on average equity (ROAE) was 35.48% and return on average assets (ROAA) was 2.47%.

NexBank’s mission is to provide its clients with exceptional value at every opportunity. It provides customized financial services to financial institutions, corporations, and individuals nationwide. Nexbank offers 3 core services, commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services.

It offers solutions ranging from investor relations to personal banking. Nexbank has won recognition for its timely, reliable, and highly customized approach to financial services, a client-centered approach that has distinguished its brand for over 100 years.


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Introduction is the biggest online retailer in the country of China and is also its biggest internet company in terms of revenue. You can find several different items on this online website, such as food and cosmetics. Their unrivaled nationwide fulfillment network makes up ninety-nine percent of their population.

In an article with TG Daily entitled “’s Liu Qiangdong Commits to Inclusive Business”, e-commerce juggernaut has recently re-committed its operational practices to include total transparency regarding sustainable practices and environmental care.

Also, in this company same and next day delivery are included. They also have an online gift-giving service called JD Gift. That is a service that has connected particularly to the younger people of China. Statistics explained in 2018 that China had close to 673.5 million people using social media. Also, close to thirty percent of the internet time is spent on WeChat, and the peak age is 26-35. Go To This Page for additional information.

Gift Giving and Possible Arising Issues

A very important component for both the traditional Chinese culture and is gift-giving. That tradition has been going on for thousands of years. Some examples of what gift-giving has been believed to do were bring people closer together and make communications simpler.

Something helps out with is making gift-gifting less awkward, especially in the age of technology when we send gifts from the mail. Another issue can arise if you want to send someone a gift and you have to ask for that particular address. Also, there could be a chance of being talked out of that gift.

The Gift-Giving Process

JD has a simple process to send the gift to a recipient and avoid the above issues. That is the JD Gift service mentioned earlier. First, you pick a gift that can be found on the gift marketplace on the website and then purchase that item. Then the person you sent the gift to will get a message requiring shipping information. At this time the gift would have already been purchased and there would be no concern about decline.


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3 Reasons Why Todd Levine is the Future of Legal Representation in the Business World

According to different law journals, commercial litigation cases are on the rise, and this trend has created a demand for experienced legal professionals. Todd Levine is part of the team that is filling in this gap — by providing the best services to thousands of business entities. In addition to being part of the legal fraternity that is redefining this unique niche, the attorney is also a key figure in commercial representations in the USA. His uniqueness in this legal profession is a product of the following three factors.

First, he is arguably one of the few legal minds that have more than one educational backgrounds — which, according to pundits, is critical in representations. Todd Levine understands what is expected of him, and more importantly, his limits. In the last seven years, for example, the attorney has helped different companies to handle transitions better and therefore avoiding losses and bad decisions.

Second, he is one of the legal minds that have been vocal on research — especially when preparing cases. According to the attorney, each case has multiple angles and understanding which perspective is more appropriate in which case is a game changer. In order to achieve this success, Todd Levine understands that each of his employees must have the necessary capacity to research on different cases and therefore mine the ideal information for each case.

Thirdly, the attorney understands that the success of each law firm is a product of how well organized the firm is, and more importantly, the inspiration of the employees. In order to achieve an ideal working space, Todd Levine has worked with different professionals in structuring his entity to global standards. In a recent survey, Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen, and Levine, P.L is the best place to work — both newbie and experienced legal minds.

When he is not busy representing his clients in cases and in negotiating deals, the attorney is either playing or listening to music. He is a believer that any professional in this space must have an avenue to unwind and more critically, a way to find inspirations on life and work. Todd Levine believes that this line of entertainment has assisted him in understanding his obligations from a different perspective.

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