Steve Lesnard: Important Marketing Principles in the Digital World

Before a company unveils any product or service, they always carry out an evaluation first to determine whether these products and services will be suitable for their target clients. If they add value to the lives of consumers, the firms can go ahead and unveil the different products and services. In such an instance, suitable marketing strategies should be deployed. When marketing a product, the main agenda is to make sure that the client is aware of what a company is offering.

Since clients will always be curious about the uses of different products and services, the company should highlight the different features during the introduction process depending on the advertising techniques being used. When it comes to marketing, it is good to consult professionals who are knowledgeable about the area, and they have the necessary experience. Steve Lesnard has worked in different corporations, and he was mainly in charge of the marketing department. He has led to the global growth of different brands. His major piece of advice is that companies should always consider the needs of their clients if they want to grow extensively.

The consumer needs should align with the strategies being deployed within a firm. Since social mediums have brought about some changes in the way people market their products, Steve Lesnard highlighted different marketing principles. The principles are as follows:

Keeping It Simple

Film production companies such as Walt Disney have been able to produce films that captured the attention of a considerable audience. The company’s success came about since they always focused on making sure the storyline is right. Besides focusing on the storyline, firms should also make sure that their target clients are enlightened about the benefits that may accrue from the use of their products and services.

When communicating, the relevant features should be used. Innovation also comes in handy. The most suitable example to use in this context is the iPod. It is a mobile device that is used to store music. Since it is portable, people can listen to music as they walk or engage in any other activity that involves moving from one place to another. Initially, people wanted to always listen to music on the go, but they did not have the means to do so. Apple unveiled a product that would make that possible. Since it was a new product, Apple had to make sure that the consumer benefits would be spearheaded during the product introduction process. The simplicity in their marketing campaign was admirable, and they were able to capture the attention of many people.

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