Stratford Shield Advises on How to Prioritize Clients’ Needs for Business Success

Stratford Shields graduated from the State University of Ohio with a Bachelor’s degree in History. He studied at Columbia University where he acquired an MBA and a Master’s in Political Science. He has been an expert in finance for over 20 years and has served the industry at various capacities as Vice Chairman, Treasurer and as SIMFA’s Chairman.

Shields has also served as an investment banker in areas of privatization and municipal finance. As an investment banker, he has made over 30 billion worth of transactions for hospitals, cities, sewer entities, states and loan agencies, among other clients. At Loop Markets, Stratford Shield is the managing director.

Stratford Shield typically spends his day at the office studying the clients he deals with and working to find out the unique solutions he can bring to them. Since he covers a range of varied customers like utility systems, cities, hospitals, toll roads, and states, he critically analyses their differences and similarities and tries to figure out what variations exist in the cases he has dealt with before; and whether previously applied solutions can work in current cases.

Shield brings his ideas into reality by having discussions with clients regarding what actions they could take. He explains the pros and cons of the ideas he presents. He considers this necessary as it helps to inform clients of the best step to take.

Stratford Shield is convinced that the privatization trend of systems of healthcare and universities is the future. He says that these entities are open to innovative methods of financing and service delivery. As an entrepreneur, his attention to detail has made him productive and advises on remaining focused towards achieving set goals. Shield recommends that one needs to get up every time they are knocked down, not reducing their momentum.

His strategy for business growth is to understand clients and their needs. Stratford Shield says it is essential to figure out who your customers are and do your best to fulfill their needs instead of forcing your wants on them.

Cyrus Moghadam’s Education and Career

Cyrus Moghadam is a student at Stanford University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in history since 2014. He also played football in his junior year as an attacker and has played against different teams in 2015, 2017 and 2018 seasons. Cyrus Moghadam also served as a volunteer at Amigos de las Americas, AMIGOS, between June and August 2012. Before studying at Stanford University, Cyrus Moghadam began his studies at Deerfield Academy in 2010 in Massachusetts and later joined the University of Oxford.

After joining Stanford University, Cyrus Moghadam started his summer internship program at Bridge33 Capital, a real estate company in Seattle, Washington, where he served for two months until August 2014. In the summer internship of 2015, he moved to San Fransisco, California, and worked for Seniorly, a web design company, also for two months. In the July and August 2017 summer, Cyrus Moghadam again returned to Bridge33 Capital as a summer analyst working in the acquisition team for the investment committee. View:

While at Bridge33 Capital, Cyrus Moghadam gained experience in the investment industry, especially in property management procedures, D.C.F modeling, summarizing data for presentation and how to convince an investment team to acquire a property. At Seniorly, he learned about Salesforce CRM, pitching, and how to target markets to maximize profits in the web industry. Read more at about Cyrus Moghadam.

American Addiction Centers: They Will Never Give Up On You

With addiction, not only do people lose themselves in the process of battling it, they also lose a lot of friends. It is most likely because they have borrowed money from them, lied to them, or cheated them. When someone has an addiction, there is no telling what he or she might do to feed his or her habit.

They will stop at nothing to feed their habit, and they don’t care who gets hurt in the process. They don’t mean to do it, but when the addiction takes over, they are powerless to defeat it if they don’t have the right group of men and women helping them through this process.

It is not something that someone can do without help. For a lot of people, they are very, very prideful, and they don’t like to ask for help. They think they can white knuckle it, and they will beat it all by themselves. It is not that simple, however.

If it were that simple, they would have beaten it already. It would have been a thing of the past for them. That is why they need to put their pride aside and check themselves into the AAC (American Addiction Centers). This is where they are going to get the proper treatment plan to defeat this addiction. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Center Reviews | Glassdoor

They are also releasing a docuseries called Far From Finished, which is going to help people see what addiction is really like, up close and personal. Someone can watch it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or the AAC’s website. The important thing is that people watch it, learn from it, and find out what addiction is truly like for those that have to live it each and every day.

Maybe they will learn how they can help someone in their own life that has addiction problems. They might have felt powerless in the past, but now they have another resource to help someone with addiction.

For the person with the addiction, they can watch it and see what type of techniques someone else is using to conquer addiction. Everyone is in this together, and former addicts that have recovered from addiction want to help out those that have not quite figured out how to beat it yet.

They want to let them know they are living and walking proof that it can be defeated. It will be a struggle and certain days will be harder than others, but it’s going to be so rewarding in the end.

They will start to have friends and family again. They will also be able to hold down a job and live a healthy and clean lifestyle. The tools are there to be used if they allow themselves to use them.

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Peter Briger: Qualities Of A Reliable Investment Advisor

Are you looking for a reputable investment professional to guide you? Do you want to enlist the services of a professional who is well known for rendering outstanding service? Perhaps you have read about Peter Briger and his service at Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger is a top professional and one of the executives at Fortress Investment Group. He is highly regarded in the investment industry due to the excellent financial service he provides to clients. If you are serious about taking your investment to the next level, it is imperative that you consult an expert like Peter Briger.

As an experienced and reputable advisor and entrepreneur, Peter takes the time to address the needs of his clients. He works with clients to learn about their business or investments and determine what needs to be done to obtain a great outcome.

Peter is Co-Chief Executive Officer at a highly reputable firm, Fortress Investment Group. Peter has been with this renowned firm for years and is well versed in all aspects of the industry.

Peter is also a high-ranking member of the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group. Peter works hard to provide proper guidance to his clients and is well known for delivering on his promise.

Fortress Investment Group is a global firm that focuses on alternative asset management. Alternative investments include private equity, hedge funds, derivatives contracts, art and antiques, venture capital, commodities, and managed futures. Real estate is also usually considered as an alternative investment.

The financial professionals at this firm have excellent resources and systems, which enable them to provide financial solutions to their clients. These professionals are highly knowledgeable and experienced in handling a wide variety of projects and can help you succeed.

The alternative investment approach utilized by Fortress Investment Group aims to provide investors and entrepreneurs with the opportunity to grow their business and help them to reach their goals.

Before deciding the best option for a client, financial or investment advisors consider their client’s risk tolerance level. Peter Briger makes sure that clients have a good understanding of the process.

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Bhanu Choudhrie Role in Incubating Businesses

Bhanu Choudhrie is a go-getter, and he loves to work for anything he desires in this life. The businessman is enjoying a prominent career that he has been making through his path in strategic investments. Many in the corporate world also recognize the businessman for having a generous heart all his life. Helping the less fortunate members of the community is a common statement that is used when describing the business leader. Many years ago, the Indian born strategic investor created a company called C&C Alpha Group that has seen him rise and become one of the most respected individuals in the competitive global market.

Bhanu Choudhrie wanted his organization to oversee the investments that are conducted in aviation, healthcare, real estate, utilities, banking, and even hospitality. Over the period of time the company has been operating, it has managed to hit its target, and it has improved many lives in the global communities. There are many new companies that suffer in the tough market simply because they lack the right incubation. Bhanu Choudhrie discovered that he could be of great help if he offered the companies until they matured and become recognized by customers in the market. This is a big responsibility that can only be undertaken by powerful and experienced professionals in the market so that each objective set in the start is discovered.

Despite the challenges that come with incubating new ideas in the competitive market, Bhanu Choudhrie and his organization have made it, and they have a won hearts of many customers. The kind of knowledge possessed by the Indian born business leader is not common in the market. When he was growing up, the leader felt that he could not get the best education in India, and he traveled to the Boston University based in the United Kingdom so that he could focus in international marketing and business. His efforts in education have been paying off so well over the years. People who studied with him realized his passion and talent in business early enough, and they also offered him opportunities to increase his knowledge. The businessman has been traveling to different destinations to reach his clients.

Steve Lesnard: Important Marketing Principles in the Digital World

Before a company unveils any product or service, they always carry out an evaluation first to determine whether these products and services will be suitable for their target clients. If they add value to the lives of consumers, the firms can go ahead and unveil the different products and services. In such an instance, suitable marketing strategies should be deployed. When marketing a product, the main agenda is to make sure that the client is aware of what a company is offering.

Since clients will always be curious about the uses of different products and services, the company should highlight the different features during the introduction process depending on the advertising techniques being used. When it comes to marketing, it is good to consult professionals who are knowledgeable about the area, and they have the necessary experience. Steve Lesnard has worked in different corporations, and he was mainly in charge of the marketing department. He has led to the global growth of different brands. His major piece of advice is that companies should always consider the needs of their clients if they want to grow extensively.

The consumer needs should align with the strategies being deployed within a firm. Since social mediums have brought about some changes in the way people market their products, Steve Lesnard highlighted different marketing principles. The principles are as follows:

Keeping It Simple

Film production companies such as Walt Disney have been able to produce films that captured the attention of a considerable audience. The company’s success came about since they always focused on making sure the storyline is right. Besides focusing on the storyline, firms should also make sure that their target clients are enlightened about the benefits that may accrue from the use of their products and services.

When communicating, the relevant features should be used. Innovation also comes in handy. The most suitable example to use in this context is the iPod. It is a mobile device that is used to store music. Since it is portable, people can listen to music as they walk or engage in any other activity that involves moving from one place to another. Initially, people wanted to always listen to music on the go, but they did not have the means to do so. Apple unveiled a product that would make that possible. Since it was a new product, Apple had to make sure that the consumer benefits would be spearheaded during the product introduction process. The simplicity in their marketing campaign was admirable, and they were able to capture the attention of many people.

Maurício Mendonça Godoy on Continuously Working Hard

Sometimes, people assume that businessmen are simply out there for the money, and that once they get it, they will inevitably abandon the people they promised to help. If there is any individual in the world who counteracts this stereotype within the world of business, it is most definitely Maurício Mendonça Godoy. His influence on the rest of the world stands to be much more important than the money he has earned throughout his career. In fact, to him, monetary gain is so arbitrary that he does not even truly bother his personal matters with it at all. All that money means for him is the opportunity to expand business and provide even more people with either the service or the help they need. In the case of Maurício Mendonça Godoy, both of these bases are covered. He not only ensures that his customers are receiving exactly the service they paid for, but he tries to do everything he can for philanthropic causes around the world.

One of the most significant causes to his personal life is that of homeless and underprivileged children. Being aware that his country has far too many of these individuals than they should, he has contributed endless amounts of effort into creating a better reality for this subset of the population, and he continues to exercise dedication in improving the state of their lives on a daily basis. Because of the work Maurício Mendonça Godoy has done in recent years, it would seem as though he is shaping up to be one of the most influential figures Brazil has seen all throughout history.

The fact that he is so concerned with those financially below him helps for his business appeal, too. Of course, this is not why he does it; rather, he finds a spiritual satisfaction to be associated with acts of altruism, and he tries to seek this satisfaction out wherever possible. To Maurício Mendonça Godoy, so long as his actions are benefiting the world, he can justify his existence, and working hard on a daily basis becomes an easy matter for someone like him.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick: The True Pillar of a Society

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a leading command, in injury law representation. Located in Akron, Ohio, with 11 offices in the city, it has been a real game-changer in the industry, comprising of over 30 legal attorneys with over four decades of experience under their belt.

Few come close to the services offered by Kisling, Nestico & Redick in injury law and with over 10,000 clients helped it is easy to see why.

The firm is involved in Philanthropic efforts that have been praised over the years and helped many. Below are but some of the notable efforts.

Drivers in Ohio are known to text and drive, and this contributes to a staggering 39% of fatal accidents on the road that is according to Ohio State Highway Patrol.

Concerned with the steady rise associated with texting and driving, Kisling, Nestico & Redick launched a campaign to create awareness and ensure safer roads through KNR Don’t text and drive scholarship.

One such beneficiary and proof that this program works is Elianna Norin, who won $5000 for having the best proposal that persuades people from texting while driving. She put this money into good use, paying for her graphic design tuition.

Such efforts have seen the rate of road accidents associated with texting while driving reduces by significant numbers over the years.

This annual event shows how Kisling, Nestico & Redick care about kids in society. Every year its attorney’s and staff embark on a shopping spree for kids, and they fully take care of the costs.

The big brothers and sisters of Central Ohio are also involved in this noble gesture.

Every year Kisling, Nestico & Redick takes on a program to feed children in schools through donating large stocks of food which are either given free or sold at subsidized rates to the children. These efforts go a long way in ensuring kids can learn without much distraction from things like hunger. Their main goal is to ensure a better society and a better world.

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Carsten Thiel Lands a New Job Opportunity

Carsten Thiel is an experienced professional in the pharmaceuticals industry. He pursued his studies in Chemistry at Malbrook. After that, he traveled to the UK to study Organic Chemistry at the University of Bristol where he received his undergraduate degree and later on made a decision to specialize in biochemistry. After some time, he went to pursue his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology, where he majored in studying the protein that is in charge of the cancerous cells developing from the healthy cells. After studies, Carsten Thiel was lucky enough to land a good and well-paying job at a biotechnology company, Hoffman la-Roche. He exhibited his competence in the field, and this led to his promotion in the company. It also earned him a good reputation, especially in the scientific marketing arena.

Carsten Thiel also worked as the manager of Insadong Eastern Europe. He is linked with the development and launch of various pharmaceutical products. In his line of profession, Carsten Thiel can be described as a very successful leader. His good leadership skills have led him to be given top leadership positions at several prominent organizations. Most of the companies that he has led have turned out to be very successful.

In the recent news, both Carsten Thiel and is colleague Darrel Cohen received new appointments from the EUSA company. Thiel was appointed as the new President Europe while Cohen was appointed at the Head of the company’s Clinical Development. The skills and brains of these new appointees are expected to take EUSA to greater heights.

EUSA is an international company that mainly deals with rare maladies and oncology. The company was started in the year 2015, and most of its activities are based in Europe and the U.S. The company has so far developed very successful pharmaceutical firms.

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Bhanu Choudhrie and Alpha Aviation Group Overview

Bhanu Choudhrie is an investor, entrepreneur, and founder of C&C Alpha Group, private healthcare, hospital real estate Investment Company based in London, England. He was born in India and later moved to the United Kingdom after attending Boston University pursuing Business Administration in International Business and Marketing. Bhanu Choudhrie then joined Harvard Business School where he studied Owner’s President Management Program between 2013 and 2016. Currently, he works as the Director of Path to Success since 2005 and at Megalith Financial Acquisition Corp. holding similar position.

About Alpha Aviation Group

After relocating from the United States to the UK in 2000, Bhanu Choudhrie helped in the creation of C&C Alpha Group, which ventures into multiple sectors. Among the company subsidiaries, is the Alpha Aviation Group, the leading provider of airline pilot training globally and based in the Philippines. Established in 2006, Alpha Aviation Group offers multiple piloting programs for both fresh learners and seasonal pilots. The company continues with its investment in simulators and other training devices to produce more qualified pilots in 2019.

Before founding the company, he became passionate in the aviation industry after acquiring a small airline in India, Air Deccan, while operating a single plane. He developed and expanded Air Deccan to become among the leading airlines in India with over two hundred flights a day. His passion led to the establishment of Alpha Aviation Group to produce experienced commercial pilots in South-East Asia. The investment led to exceptional growth in the sector; hence leading to partnerships with several commercial airlines, including Cebu Pacific, VietJet Air, and Philippines Airlines.

Other Ventures

Under C&C Alpha Group, Bhanu Choudhrie has also managed to explore and succeed in different sectors such as real estate investment and hospitality. C&C Alpha Group subsidiary, Shanti Hospitality Group Limited, opened a major hotel facility in Vietnam and also partnered with other facilities. Similarly, he has ventured into restaurants around India, China, and the Asia Pacific. As a devoted and passionate entrepreneur and businessman, he is also involved in philanthropic work as a way of giving back to society. He is known for funding multiple institutions and founding charity organizations to help people in the community both in India and London.

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