How Isabel dos Santos Uses Her Stature to Give Back to Society

Isabel dos Santos is considered a highly influential businesswoman in her home country of Angola, and by extension, throughout Africa and the world. The distinction comes from her business acumen, the success and wealth she has obtained through it, and the political affiliation she has as being the eldest child of the former President of Angola, Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

But instead of using that influence to an unfair advantage, Isabel dos Santos makes sure to utilize it to make the world a better place. Whether it is her popularity as the first billionaire woman of Africa, or her status as one of the most powerful business figures in Angola, dos Santos has ensured to use her outreach for a number of charitable and social causes.

One of such causes comes in the form of Isabel dos Santos holding these outreach programs where she ensures to sit down with young entrepreneurs. There, she advises them on the many economic developments that an entrepreneur has to keep in mind, as well as tips and suggestions on how to take their ideas forward.

Isabel dos Santos does this especially for women entrepreneurs in the country, so that they have all the support and confidence they need to follow their dreams. Part of dos Santos’ efforts are focused on introducing these talented businesswomen to the usage and advantages of conventional as well as disruptive technologies (Chronicleweek). 

By doing this, she intends on increasing the usage of technology throughout the African continent, so that the region could hold up to the advancements that it has obtained through other aspects in the past few years.

With this, Isabel dos Santos is helping african entrepreneurs not only with their big picture plans, but also with how to achieve their goals in a realistic manner. For this, dos Santos provides specific suggestions such as breaking a larger objective into “subgoals”, so that they could take one step at a time in order to obtain their core goals in a timely manner.

With these initiatives and tips, Isabel dos Santos hopes to help budding businesspeople with the guidance that they need.

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