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Anyone that looks at Rebel Wilson today may not know that she was once a young kid that was struggling with excessive shyness. When growing up with her siblings and parents, everyone always thought that there was something wrong with her.

It is because she could not gather the courage to voice her opinion, especially when there were many people around. It was something that affected her both at home and school, and therefore, her parents chose to find a way to help her it of it. However, it did not come easy.

The acting lessons

Rebel Wilson says that she remembers the day vividly when her mother decided to take her for an acting class. She could not gather the courage to do it, and therefore, it seemed like she was being forced. On arrival at the scene, she did not want to leave the car and was clinging on the doors as her mother tried to get her into the class.

However, she finally gave in, and that was the beginning of a new chapter that would see her become one of the most accomplished actresses in the world. Although she was not doing it the way her parents expected, they were glad that she could at least take part in a drama.

Her teachers were helpful

The fantastic film career of Rebel Wilson would not be were it not for her teachers. She says that more than often, her teachers were encouraging her to take on roles that she did not ant. She cannot forget her drama teacher because she was the one that took her through every step. Read more:  Isn’t Romantic Trailer – Hollywoodreporter  and Isn’t Romantic Review

After a lot of struggling, he eventually got out of her shell and decided to shape her future. At about fifteen years, she had already become an essential member of her drama club. She coupled it up with debating which gave her the courage to speak to crowds.

Rebel Wilson was born in Perth, Australia. She grew up with her parents who were beagle breeders. Her three siblings were there with them too. After going through elementary school, she was enrolled in an all-girls Christian high school, and that is here much of her talent sprouted.

After graduating from the university, she started a career in Australia before moving to America where she took Hollywood by storm. Since her debut, she has always been active on stage featuring on many movies and appearing at various functions.

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