Flavio Maluf Is Shaping Brazil’s Building And Construction industry

Eucatex was formed in 1951. The company is the first Brazilian manufacturing firm to implement safe environmental production practices using eucalyptus as the raw material. The products are used to manufacture ceilings, tiles, and wood fiber panels. Americana Sawmill Americana was the parent company of Eucatex. The initial mill, currently known as Fiberboard Industrial Unit, was launched in 1954. The company started to operate by producing soft boards. Thereafter, it delved into the manufacture of ceiling tiles. Panels were also produced. From 1956 to 1965, Eucatex opened its first office in Buenos Aires. It had a production capacity of approximately 100 tons daily. Read more about Flavio at migalhas.com

In 1980, Eucatex started a hardboard milling facility in Salto. It also increased its production capacity by opening representative offices in Germany, Holland, and the United Kingdom. At the same time, the company established a production plant to coat its ceiling tiles. It also invested in reforestation to enhance self-sufficiency in the production of raw materials. Having inaugurated another facility in Salto, Eucatex developed its laboratories. The company started to manufacture paints and vanishes. It also expanded its presence in Botucatu. In 1996, the management began the production of MDP panels. In the same year, its products gained global prominence. It also became Brazil’s first company to be awarded the ISO certification. In 2010, under the guidance of Flavio Maluf, Eucatex Group started a new line that manufactured products to help in the installation of industrial facilities in Salto. It began to produce panels that incorporated high mechanical resistance. It also made materials to aid in the manufacture of doors and furniture segments.

Flavio Maluf is a business leader. He is also a skilled entrepreneur. He currently serves as the CEO of Eucatex and has been overseeing general operations for decades. Maluf was born into a wealthy family. But, he still invested in education and worked his way up the leadership ladder.

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