Health Solutions from Ara Chackerian

Ara Chackerian’s successful career has spanned multiple decades and industries. He is currently an angel investor who works with beginning stage companies. He loves working with small business owners on a plan to generate revenue and profits. Anyone who has ever worked with Ara knows that he has a passion for helping people.


Ara started working in the investment industry after years of operating a business. Although he enjoyed managing his own business, he wanted to spend more of his time helping others. He is a managing partner at one of the largest venture capital companies in the country. ASC Holdings is a quality company that has a positive track record with customers.  You can visit to see more.




Finding Value



For many people, it is hard to look at a business idea and see the potential for the future. Ara Chackerian has to listen to dozens of business pitches on a daily basis. He is excellent at finding value in a business idea before other people. Over the past few years, he has made smart investments in a variety of different asset classes.



Health Solutions



Ara is particularly interested in the healthcare field. He firmly believes that the healthcare field is changing. As a result, companies need to change along with the new technology. He also thinks that costs are unsustainable. In the past few years, prices have increased much faster than inflation.–0KsfE


Advice for Young People



In the late stages of his career, Ara Chackerian enjoys advising young people who want to become successful business leaders. He tells people to focus on areas that they are passionate about. He also believes that automation is going to play a critical role in the future. Adapting to change is a critical skill that people will have to learn to enhance their career. For more details you can visit

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