Securus Technologies Takes The Time To Defend Itself Against Press Release Claims

There are many companies that face situations where other companies make claims that are unfair. The claims that are made do not represent the situation and are stated in a manner that makes the other company look like the victim in the situation. When companies are placed in this situation, there are a variety of ways that the companies can manage the situation. Usually most companies will defend against what was stated. However, companies must be aggressive in the defense against negative statements, especially if the statements are made in public.


One of the most difficult things that a company must do is to defend itself against public statements. There should be careful consideration regarding what will be done in response to negative statements made by another company. If handled incorrectly, a company can make the situation worst. Recently Securus Technologies found itself in a situation where GTL made claims against Securus Technologies in a press release. The claims concerned a disagreement between the two companies involving technology patent rights.


The way that Securus Technologies approached the situation was by sending out its own press release that provided answers to every claim made by GTL. The Securus Technologies press release focused on each claim made by GTL individuality. An in-depth response was provided for each claim that included why Securus Technologies felt the claim lacked merit.


I think that Securus Technologies did an awesome job in responding to the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies focused on each claim individuality, which gave Securus Technologies the room to dispute each claim in detail. The press release sent out by Securus Technologies was a good way to respond to the claims made by GTL since GTL made the claims using a press release.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected company that provides technology related products and services to a variety of public sector markets. The company has developed numerous products that are used throughout the public sector.

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