Capital Group’s Man Of The Hour

Timothy D. Armour is the name, and research and management of capital and investments is the game. Mr. Armour knows his game unlike any other, and he certainly keeps his reputation in doing so. As current CEO and chairman of Capital Group, Tim Armour has his hands more than busy behind the helm. On the side, Armour manages equity portfolios with over 33 years of experience under his belt. These years of experience have given him much insight and wisdom in the realm of investment, and he has worked diligently and solely for Capitol Group the entire time.

“Earlier in his career, as an equity investment analyst at Capital, he covered global telecommunications and U.S. service companies. Tim began his career at Capital as a participant in The Associates Program. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from Middlebury College. Tim is based in Los Angeles.”

In July of 2015, Mr. Armour was most elected as Chairman of Capital Group, a position that he has earned over several years of patient and persistent, proven work for the company. Armour heads both the management committee and this wonderful management company; how ironic any symbolic is this? Mr. Armour also serves as partial director for the company as well in addition to his many unique executive roles in management. How does this gifted man simply find the time to manage and run all of these endeavors at once? The secret is to chew on one small bite at a time, until the elephant has eventually been eaten whole, as they say.

Both Mr. Armour and his company are based out of Los Angeles, California, where the team and company were originally founded. They continue to proudly and faithfully serve the LA area to this very day, never departing from the dream or the goal. As a matter of fact, Capital Group’s executives have just recently wished everyone out there a happy new year and promised more great things to come from Capital Group in 2017. We shall see how these plans develop in the days to come. Some were announced publicly as initial phases, and others were kept completely confidential and top secret.

Rob Lovelace serves as president of Capital Group and is the one to whom Mr. Armour reports on a daily and weekly basis. Phil de Toledo is vice president. Both are well-respected corporately.

Securus Technologies Takes The Time To Defend Itself Against Press Release Claims

There are many companies that face situations where other companies make claims that are unfair. The claims that are made do not represent the situation and are stated in a manner that makes the other company look like the victim in the situation. When companies are placed in this situation, there are a variety of ways that the companies can manage the situation. Usually most companies will defend against what was stated. However, companies must be aggressive in the defense against negative statements, especially if the statements are made in public.


One of the most difficult things that a company must do is to defend itself against public statements. There should be careful consideration regarding what will be done in response to negative statements made by another company. If handled incorrectly, a company can make the situation worst. Recently Securus Technologies found itself in a situation where GTL made claims against Securus Technologies in a press release. The claims concerned a disagreement between the two companies involving technology patent rights.


The way that Securus Technologies approached the situation was by sending out its own press release that provided answers to every claim made by GTL. The Securus Technologies press release focused on each claim made by GTL individuality. An in-depth response was provided for each claim that included why Securus Technologies felt the claim lacked merit.


I think that Securus Technologies did an awesome job in responding to the claims made by GTL. Securus Technologies focused on each claim individuality, which gave Securus Technologies the room to dispute each claim in detail. The press release sent out by Securus Technologies was a good way to respond to the claims made by GTL since GTL made the claims using a press release.


Securus Technologies  is a well respected company that provides technology related products and services to a variety of public sector markets. The company has developed numerous products that are used throughout the public sector.

Doe Deere’s journey and success with Lime Crime

During a recent interview, Doe Deere put out a point she echoed a point she made on her Facebook page. During the interview, she expressed her interests in makeup and motivation. She insisted that her imagination and creativity has been the reason for her success. She started experimenting with makeup from an early age. She remembers playing with friends and trying to apply makeup to friends. Though she is not a makeup artist, she has always loved makeup that comes with bright colors. She has a faint memory of trying to apply bright colors and wearing bright accessories and clothes. In a way, Doe Deere wanted to express herself boldly.


During the interview, Doe Deere discussed her reasons for creating a product that was internet based. She stated that the online idea was a way to get instant feedback from customers. However, it turned out that it became the reason for her success. Her company has grown to be a brand that is based on quality and popularity. She always collects positive and negative reviews about her company and tries to act on them. Doe Deere has many plans for her business in future. She hopes to grow and expand the business to international markets.


With her love and passion for color, Doe Deere has gone on several experiments to create wonderful products. She has several colors in the brand that are her favorite. She often mixes the colors, matches them and tries to come up with the best product. She experimented the product at first but never knew that it would become the success it is today. Doe Deere has millions of followers on her social media platform.


The Lime Crime brand stands true to everything about makeup and color. The name is made of Doe’s favorite color. Crime is made to symbolize the revolution she has brought with the product. She admits that the idea of the product came to her suddenly one day. She had never really thought about creating a product that would change the makeup industry. She had even wanted to go for something more subtle but settled for bright colors.


Lime Crime was officially launched in the year 2008. It was a side business to a popular online clothing firm. Doe Deere created her line of fashion clothing that included her designs and bright colors. The makeup section came up as a side product for bright color. She started the product but never knew that it would grow to become the success it is today. Doe Deere specifically experiments the colors of Lime Crime product. She has come up with all the products through frequent experimentation. Most of the products have become a big success and attracted a huge following.

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Jason Hope and the Future of Technological Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a philanthropist and futurist from Scottsdale Arizona, who has continued to harness his love for technology into new businesses and projects. With a degree in finance which he obtained from Arizona State University and a MBA from the W.P. Carey School of Business, Jason launched set himself up for success and has never stopped pushing himself as an entrepreneur.

A Compelling Tech Based Philanthropy

Jason Hope personally feels that he must help others through the use of his assets and businesses. His philanthropy is focused on helping communities based in Arizona grow and become successful. It is through his work with organizations that Hope achieves success with his philanthropy. Utilizing the mindset of giving back to help spread his found success, he benefits the lives of a large amount of people in Arizona.

Jason Hope utilizes technology to aid his philanthropy. Through his successful businesses, Jason Hope develops mobile applications and programs that seek to help individuals with their everyday life tasks while also raising money for his many loved philanthropic projects. This two-fold system feeds back and forth helping to support both goals.

Operating as a Futurist

As a futurist, Jason hope always stays on top of trends before they happen. Through investments, Hope has been able to fund and support many innovative projects and businesses to develop cutting-edge technology. Many of Hope’s ideas can be found in his writings on the Internet of Things. One of his most current ongoing discussions is in regard to the “hype” generated by new IoT technologies, and whether or not they can find proper success that is equivalent to the hype being generated. Hope’s concern over the security of IoT devices remains evident throughout his writings. Hope continues to push to educate others about IoT risks and help stop devices from losing control and causing danger to users.

Future Success and Philanthropy

Jason Hope is dedicated to the future of politics and health science. his focus on technology proceeds to drive his efforts to successfully continue a discussion of how businesses can better serve the people rather than just themselves. Currently interested and invested in the mobile technology sector Jason Hope’s use of applications, and technology aim to find success in newly developed products.

Jason Hope is an example of how entrepreneurs can work both for themselves and for the communities they support. By bridging the gap between technology and his philanthropy, he continues to find new ways to raise funds for Arizona communities in need and projects that help people globally. His efforts continue to be shining examples for young entrepreneurs looking forward to making a name for themselves. Through his work, he continues to try to encourage communities to work together with technology to support the future of philanthropy.

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Transport Experts Led By Mike Heiligensten Discuss Modalities to Ease Congestion in Texas

The traffic challenge that has been the bane for Williamson County for many years could soon be history after a meeting of city and transport experts proposed several solutions. According to an excerpt appearing on, the meeting brought together Mike Heiligensten, the Regional Mobility Authority Executive, Leandre Johns, the Texas Affairs Director of Uber Technologies and Jared Fickin a transportation product designer at ArgoDesign. Joseph Kosper, the founder of RideScout LLC was also in attendance.


The discussions centered on developing transportation modalities that co-opt suburban communities and the role of technology in easing transport in Austin and around the world. Heiligensten vouched for construction of new, smarter roads. Although Williamson County has done a lot to restructure its transportation system in the recent past, population growth continues to add pressure on existing infrastructure. He acknowledges that advances such as the development of driverless vehicles and ridesharing apps could be exploited further. Heiligensten envisages a future that will see 12 lane of traffic on State Highway 290 and US Highway 183 in Austin.


In response to a question asked by Alan McGraw, the Round Rock Mayor and panel moderator, Mr. Jared Fickin expressed the need for having flexibility in land and building codes. The changes should accommodate amenities such as vehicle service bays, charging stations and changes in the car parking garage design. The other changes expected is adapting to a future of driverless vehicles and other autonomous vehicles. Leandre Johns, on his part said that commuters in Austin needed a lasting solution that would get them onto and off the transit corridors. The meeting was held at the Sheraton, Georgetown Texas Hotel and Conference Center.


About Mike Heiligensten and the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Mike Heiligensten is the current Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority. According to, Mike also serves as the President of International Bridge, Tunnel and Turnpike Association and serves on the Advisory Board of the Texas A&M Transportation. Since joining Mobility Authority, Mike has overseen several projects, including development of 183A in Williamson County.


The Central Texas Regional Mobility was created in 2002 to improve the transportation system in Travis and Williamson Counties. According to an excerpt published on Mobility Authority website, the independent government agency’s mission is to develop and implement innovative, multi-modal transportation solutions to reduce road congestion. The solutions are also aimed at increasing economic activity, enhancing the quality of life and increasing transportation choices.

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James Dondero Credit and Investing Specialist

Highland Capital is a popular fund management company that works with many different account types and individuals. The staff at Highland Capital work with High Yield Credit, structured products, long or short equity, and health care.

Highland is comprised of many very experienced credit managers that mange credit related products or long-term credit strategies. The company can work on getting liquid high- yield credit.

They have been investing in high-yield credit for over ten years managing billions of loan assets. Highland can create unique mandates with investments regarding loans from banks, high-yield returns, and stressed loans.

Highland offers many different types of equity plans for short term or long term. Professionals will work towards producing equity-like returns using the lowest risk possible.

That will guarantee maximum returns. By using balance and commitment when talking about investing the performance on returns has been strong. Many of the different equity fund accounts run with net long bias which, again, helps keep the risks low.

Throughout the fund investment process the experts at Highland can allow for more complex analyzing methods, more creative ideas, and large stock collections.

Managers use a wide range of risk buckets (low risk to high risk) depending on the data that is collected. Regular short and long equity has net exposure ranging anywhere from 25% to 60%. There is also a strong focus on downside protection. Learn more about James Dandero:

Healthcare is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. There are so many different companies offering healthcare products. Each one handles different needs.

There are also several changes going on. Highland has plenty of knowledge in the healthcare industry. They have been working with healthcare for a while. There are analysts working around the clock managing over 200 stocks in healthcare services, medical technology, pharmaceuticals/biotechnology and life science tools.

James Dondero is the President of Highland Capital Management. He has been managing funds and studying credit trends for over twenty years.

According to Crunchbase, before working with Highland James Dandero helped GIC subsidiary of Protective Life grow to be worth over $2B.

To kick-start his career of analyzing credit and funds he studied at Morgan Guaranty training program. James graduated form University of Virginia earning all kinds of awards. After that he ventured over to McIntire School of Commerce focusing on accounting. James Dandero picked up a Certified Public Accountant.

Review of Lori Senecal’s Appointment as CP&B Global CEO and 3% Conference

Lori Senecal has been named as the new Global CEO of CP&B according to an official announcement released by the company. This is a new position that the company created for her. Lori will be in charge of overseeing CP&B’s global expansion and growth, further development and oversee the coordination of the eight international offices of the firm. Senecal is a management specialist, industry-thought leader on Twitter and has been at the forefront of embracing invention, technology and innovation globally. Her appointment is an indication by CP&B of its intention to continue fueling its momentum globally.


Lori Senecal expressed her pleasure and honor of having Chuck Porter seek her services to work together with him at the leadership team of CP&B. She looked forward to playing a great role in ensuring the firm’s global growth by working closely with the exceptional talent along its ranks. Senecal has over her great career developed various strategic partnerships, increased global growth, created new cutting-edge divisions in business as well as leading a number of blue chip accounts worldwide at She has worked with BMW, Nestle and Coca-Cola. She will retain her previous role as the CEO of MDC Partners network. She was formerly the chair and CEO of KBS, and under her KBS managed to grow from a domestic agency with 250 employees to about 900 worldwide.

Lori Senecal at the 3% Conference

Lori Senecal’s strong focus and leadership on talent made Advertising Age recognize her current firm (CP&B) as part of the “Creativity Innovators of the Year”. She was also named as one of the only four listed “Agency Executives to Watch” in the year 2016. She was also recently featured on a Power List on Adweek that listed the top leaders in media, tech and marketing. Lori was among the speakers in the 3% Conference.

About 3% Conference

Before the coming of the 3% Movement, Women were only 3% of the total U.S. Creative Directors on This was business suicide as women have a high influence in consumer spending (80%) and social media sharing (60%). Using a mix of professional development, community and content, the movement has helped in increasing the number of women working as creative directors to 11%. It has also managed to provide agencies with a crystal clear road map on how to champion leadership and creative talent in women. The movement relies on a number of events to achieve this and they include an annual conference for two days, vibrant online community, student scholarship fund, agency consulting programs, business blog and live Super Bowl Tweetup.