Richard Liu Qiangdong, the Eureka Moment

Richard Liu is the founder of, a leading online retail platform in Beijing. JD was started in 2004; however, Richard traces his roots from 1998. He first worked in a family company that was not doing so well. Later, Richard invested in a hotel that also failed, given that he was doubling as a student and a business person at the same time. Given his poor background and the fact that the grandmother taking care of her was sick, he needed to do something to raise money by starting a company. He also adds the company was formed because he did not have the money to go abroad and study as the graduates did. He was also not interested in working in a government office as others did.

The company Richard Liu Qiangdong started was involved in the sale of computer accessories growing to have about 12 stores spread across the country. Moments into 2004, Richard moved his business online with the business selling goods both on and offline. He realized that it was cheap and efficient, running an online business. He attributes the success of the business to selling non-counterfeit goods, which dominated the market at the time. The business was adding a product every year and to date has a market valuation of $60 billion. The company has employees totaling about 167,000. The company plans to top the e-commerce platform in a few years by leveraging on finance, logistics, and technology.

People within China get access to products from in not more than six hours. JD can also deliver the products across the various parts of the world, given evolving online payment methods. The success of Richard Liu Qiangdong can also be attributed to partnerships JD ad with companies and persons like Walmart and Tencent, WeChat’s owner. Tencent owns a 15 percent in the which he got for $125 million. JD went public in the United States in 2014 and was one of the companies with the largest Nasdaq floats at the time. Today JD rival Alibaba by Jack Ma, making it one of the largest e-commerce platforms in the world. JD is short for Jingdong, a compilation of the last names of Richard Liu and his girlfriend at the time of its founding.

Isabel Dos Santos on Digital Technology in Africa and Women’s Empowerment

Isabel Dos Santos is a billionaire magnate who is known as Africa’s richest woman. Dos Santos is also known for speaking out important issues that affects her home country of Angola and the African continent. Two issues that are extremely important to Dos Santos has to do with digital technology and the empowerment of women (BBC). 


Isabel Dos Santos has worked in the telecommunications industry for years. In her country, she played a key role with the expansion of internet technology into Angola. She knows that mobile devices and the internet are needed for business, communication, work and education. She also realizes that digital technology will be able to provide many Africans with bank accounts and access to financial services. This is critical for many African people so they will be able to live a better quality of life. 


Women are struggling for a better position in Africa. The women in Africa are not the only females on the planet who are struggling to improve their position. Women across the globe have picked up the feminist mantle. They want to do better socially, economically and personally. Isabel grew up as an empowered woman: her father was the former president of Angola from 1979 – 2017. So, she knows how important it is for women to have opportunities and position in the world. 


Dos Santos believes that women are the key to the development and growth of many African nations. Once women become more empowered through business, education and economic opportunities – African nations will start to experience more financial growth, stability and a greater social position. Isabel dos Santos believes that by empowering women with the use of the internet and digital technologies will help to facilitate their position. 


Isabel Dos Santos wants the world to know that Africa can change. The continent is ready to join the rest of the world in terms of digital expansion and women empowerment. She works hard not just in Angola but with all nations to help improve the conditions of Africans. Her commitment and support is very important to the people of Angola and the other nations of Africa. 

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Andrey Andreev, a champion in the dating business.

His personality is totally different than what the business he’s in, implies.

When we think of a dating business we imagine that the creator or creators are people that are very open, outspoken, maybe experts in public relations and very much into interpersonal relationships. They are often open minded and ready to talk to the press. Their flourishing ideas just pour out and people immediately create their own opinions (Businessinsider). 


Not in this case. Andrey Andreev is a kind of guy really dedicated to his ideas. His passion for food and cooking, technology developments and online dating industry avoids him from deviating from his business to just go and have and interview with the press about his incredible success with Badoo or maybe what he plans next. Andrey is not hungry for publicity, he’s more into taking the business to a complete success and surprise the public. He doesn’t make his ideas public before they hit the market.


In fact, he is not the outspoken guy ready to talk and speak up about his success or his business or projects. You’d think he’s the introverted guy that keeps it all to himself. 


However he is very smart. He consults his own self for his projects. He is the type of entrepreneur that is so sure of himself that he needs no advise. He knows his business, he knows what he’s getting into. And of course at the end he comes out winning and surprises the public, which is what happened with Badoo.


Andrey Andreev incredible success with Badoo will probably lead him to another big success. With him it is always a taste of astonishment. The press doesn’t know what he’s up to. That’s one thing unique with his type of personality.


Andrey Andreev as always will continue to surprise us with his great ideas. 


That’s why the world with him is always unpredictable. Which to many of us is great, because there are always surprises that come out from him and we are always at the expectancy of his adventures.

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Ways that Laerte Codonho protects his businesses

Laerte Codonho is the founder of Dolly soda company that is located in Brazil. The businessman has been credited for being an intelligent CEO and marketer throughout his career. Dolly is a special kind of company as they were the first to introduce diet sodas to Brazil. Under the leadership of Laerte Codonho, Dolly grew tremendously since their founding in 1987 (Weeklyopinion). 


One of the brands brilliant ideas was to infuse one of their sodas with guarana, which is the fruit known throughout the country. The ingredient has been used in a number of energy drinks. One of the reasons that they became the first supplier of diet sodas to the country was due to the fact that Brazil outlawed the sale of them thinking that they were unhealthy and dangerous to people’s lives. 


Laerte Codonho made it his mission to persuade the country that they were healthy through his own studies. Dolly regularly tests their products for their quality and uses taste testers to make sure they are safe for public consumption. The entrepreneur has been able to make his brand notable throughout Brazil and the world through effective marketing campaigns. He even gave Dolly their own mascot named the Dollynho that is described as a talking soda that can walk. The mascot has even spoken to children at schools and been used by the media and used as a meme for good fun. 


Like many say, with fame comes trouble, as many speculated how Dolly was able to be such a success. People started to question the company and make accusations against them, including one of them being Coca Cola. Laerte Codonho believes Coca Cola is a big part of why they have spiraled down. The founder has filed a suit against the popular soda drink company for raising accusations against them. 


Laerte Codonho has stayed to the task of rebuilding the brand’s image through billboards and by listing all the ingredients found in all of their products. He has also spoken with the media to tell his side of the story as one of the concerns was on what Dolly puts into their soda. 

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All About Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua started a company called Organo Gold that produces products such as coffee, food products, supplements, and more. It did not take long for Organo Gold to begin expanding into other parts of the world. Recently, it has opened a branch in Turkey which is a huge deal to Bernardo. Having a branch in Turkey allows him to get a more diverse range of customers.

Turkey is known for having the first-ever coffee house in the 15th century. So being able to extend their business into Turkey is a huge deal. Coffee is already a really big deal in the Turkey culture, so allowing people to have his coffee makes Bernardo very excited. See more on his twitter

Organo Gold is coffee that has health benefits because it is made from a mushroom of the Chinese medicine. This mushroom is called Ganoderma. Ganoderma is known for helping build strong healthy bodies and helping people live a long time. Bernardo is very excited about his business with Organo Gold because he can make sure that his products are made in the correct way with the right products.

Bernardo Chua started Organo Gold around the year 2008 and has placed its headquarters in Vancouver. Organo Gold quickly grew into a global coffee company that is well-known throughout many different countries. Coffee is not the only drink that they offer their they also have tea.

Bernardo Chula has seen nothing but extreme successs from this company and he is excited to see where the future is going to take them. He has big plans for the company and hopes to come up with even more products that the company can offer. Even though he already has a lot of customers buying his products does not mean he isn’t going to keep reaching for more. Bernardo wants to see Organo Gold continue to grow for a long time into the future.


Betterworks Improves Employee Performance Feedback Quality

Annual performance reviews are often feared by both managers and employees. The managers worry that their words will be perceived incorrectly, and the employees worry that they will not be able to make the recommended changes. By the time an employee receives feedback, it may concern a habit that they have already changed. Also, some bad habits are harder to change when they persist longer.

The answer to this problem is to use a Continuous Performance Management® solution. Betterworks offers this type of solution with its unique software. With its real-time reports and feedback prompts, it eases the worries of managers who may not know what to say to workers.

Another issue with the standard performance feedback structure of annual reviews is that some employees may receive more negative than positive feedback. The Betterworks program shows employees’ accomplishments and gives managers prompts to reward them or recognize them for those achievements.

Studies have shown that continual monitoring of an employee’s performance is better for productivity and morale. Employees are told immediately if there is a problem, which makes it easier to remedy. They can feel more confident in their daily tasks. Also, they are praised when they do an exemplary job, which contributes to that confidence.

With the Betterworks Continuous Performance Management® solution, managers can also track group productivity. This helps them build more effective teams to maximize the company’s productivity. Building a positive feedback culture in the workplace is also a good way for companies to retain top talent.

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Betsy Devos Has Used Her Wealth to Offer Donations to Conservative Politicians

Betsy DeVos has some creative ideas about how to reform America’s educational systems. At the same time, some of her remarks about how America’s academies ought to be run have elicited a great deal of ire from left-wing political figures. One of her most controversial ideas is to expand the support for charter schools.


Charter schools have an unusual structure that has caused many liberal politicians to oppose further support for these academies. Charter schools are run differently from regular public schools, and this different structure is something that a large number of left-wing individuals are opposed to. One of the primary differences is that the teachers’ unions in charter schools are often less potent than they would be in public schools.


Liberal political figures receive large donations from these unions, and it is only logical that they would attempt to curtail any limitations on the power of these organizations. Betsy DeVos has also made a controversial remark about the use of firearms in public schools. Mrs. DeVos stated that weapons should be allowed in rural public schools to protect the pupils from attacks by wild animals.


By making this statement, Betsy has aroused the opposition of many left-wing individuals. The controversy surrounding her comment is part of a heated argument that exists in America about the presence of guns in public schools. This debate has raged since the Sandy Hook shootout in 2012 placed a spotlight on this issue.


Each of the two camps has a set of arguments that they put forward to support their stance on this issue. Conservatives claim that many liberals are unaware of the fact that wild animals are dangerous in rural areas across America. Some conservatives furthermore state that left-wing individuals predominantly reside in congested metropolitan locations.


Thus, they have virtually no opportunity to experience the threat posed by attacks by untamed beasts. Some conservative individuals also claim that liberals do not have to deal with untamed creatures. Logically, they would most likely have no clue of the best way to cope with an assault by a wild animal.


Left-wing political figures have, at the same time, frequently quoted this declaration by Betsy DeVos. They have also utilized it as a form of fuel to mock Betsy. These left-wing people have claimed that her comment demonstrates that she will not be an effective leader of America’s Education Department.


On the other hand, conservatives support DeVos. Betsy’s household also has one of the most sizable fortunes in America. She has used this wealth to provide donations for conservative politicians.


Mrs. DeVos now hopes to be able to use her position as the latest boss of America’s Education Department to reform the educational systems used across the nation.


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Gumps Luxury Brand Store Set To Re-Open Under New Family Management Soon

Gumps luxury department store was opened up on the west coast in 1861 in the San Francisco, California area as a mirror and frames dealer, with artwork eventually put into the frames to give them a more home beautifying appeal. In later years, the two brothers who co-founded the business, Solomon and Gustave, began to carry an inventory of luxury items featuring designer brands such as Hermes and Buccellati.

The store was also the seller of high-end jewelry, precious gemstones and home furnishings. Known as the oldest and most recognized store of its kind in the U.S., Gumps continued to offer quality merchandise to its customers up until the end of 2018.

Gumps was recently acquired by businessman John Chachas and a few members of his family, who began investing in the store back in 2007, and wanted to keep it under family management as a way to honor the Gumps tradition. The Chachas plan to re-open the business in the fall season of 2019 in an as of yet undetermined new location. Along with his wife Diane, John Chachas has always had a great deal of admiration for the special way the Gumps connected with their customers. It will be the couple’s three children, Anne, Christopher and Jack who will have the majority interest in the company as its new leaders.

Over the many years that Gumps was in operation, the previous owners endured a few setbacks, such as the San Francisco Earthquake, which happened in 1906. This natural disaster caused the establishment to be burned down, and forced the brothers to have to relocate it to Union Square. Antoinette Gump, a descendant of the founders of the iconic store, said that she is happy to have it returned to family ownership. Its re-opening day and location will be announced on the Gumps website. Refer to This Article for more information.


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Select Empiricus Consultancy and Get Rid Of All Your Financial Worriers

Do you find yourself always worrying about making the correct financial decisions?  Are you concerned that you’re going to make blunders when dealing with some of your financial matters? Have you been put on hold certain investments because you’re not completely sure if it’s the right one for you?

There are times when you find your finances are getting beyond your control, maybe your bills are piling up, or you just find that you aren’t sure which financial decisions to make. Whichever the case, you might find some benefit by visiting a financial consultant and getting them to help you in taking control of your financial life once again. Being good with money is not enough to become a competent financial consultant.

However, Empiricus is a professional financial consulting company that serves individuals or organizations who are having issues with debt management, developing a savings plan, setting up their long term financial goals, and who are looking for solid investment advice.

This company has years of practical experience offer review and direction to individuals and businesses in making substantial investment choices. Empiricus add value to a person or people, and families by assisting them set out what their overall requirements are and articulate their goals.

They cannot make the goals up but assist the client in comprehending how their finances in their goals realization. This consultant company evaluates the economic performance of companies and industries for firms and institutions with money to invest. Refer to This Article for additional information.

Seeking the help from Empiricus professional financial consultant can significantly help you in balancing your income and your investments as well as your expenses. The majority of clients who follow advice from them always have a good sound financial strategy. However, those who don’t, strain their finances, resulting in a considerable loss.

Working with Empiricus will significantly improve your finances and will help you achieve your financial goals. You will learn how to balance your finances and make money work for you.


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Michael Nierenberg and His Help with Investments

Investing can be a time-consuming and difficult task if you’re doing it all on your own. Unfortunately, it is a problem when you begin to lose money just because of the types of investments you’re making. In order to stop this from happening, you will want to work with an expert like Michael Nierenberg. One of the many benefits of choosing to work with Michael Nierenberg is that he has worked with companies like Bear Stearns and has the education and experience to help clients of varying needs.

Regardless of whether you’re a business owner or someone who just wants or needs help with investments, it is time to consider choosing Michael Nierenberg and knowing that it is going to work for you. There are tons of benefits to choosing this as a viable option, and it is important that you consider it for yourself when you want to earn some cash. Making money with the help of Michael Nierenberg is so much easier than you might think, and it can be advantageous to those who want or need to know that this is something they are going to need help with when they are going to be investing in different venues.

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