Jason Hope’s Focus On Philanthropy

There is nothing that is so heart touching than benefiting from the proceeds of philanthropy. Many people have come out to support the well being of the people by spending their time and money directly or indirectly. Jason Hope is one person who has strived in his life to focus on philanthropy. He is so passionate to assist the people to lead better lives by working with several organizations that offer philanthropic services, especially in Arizona society. He anticipates equipping these organizations with enough resources and influence to improve the quality of people’s life.

Jason Hope currently funds some programs and research in the SENS foundation, which is a non-profit organization in Arizona that researches to find solutions to aging. The organization started in 2009, intending to promote various anti-aging technologies that can prevent anti-aging diseases and conditions. It works around the clock to ensure that every person who has these diseases or conditions quickly access the possible remedies to them.

In the way of uplifting the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope gave them 500, 000 US Dollars, which they used to develop more new anti-aging technologies mostly on the older people. Aubrey de Grey, who is the Foundation’s CSO, said that they used part of the donation to research successfully on Arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is a condition also called the hardening of the arteries. It develops when the arteries become less elastic and flexible hence reducing the supply of blood to the body tissues. Researchers from SENS established that this condition leads to high blood pressure then diabetes, long-sightedness, and physical skin aging.

Hope hails the Foundation because they use such distinct approaches to face anti-aging. He highlights that some of the anti-aging diseases affect the functioning of the body, and they should be prevented: though some traditional medicines heal them. He yearns to support millions of scientific research organizations that are innovative, especially form the US.

Some of the foundations that the philanthropist has supported are Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Desert Mountain States Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Teach for America Phoenix, Family Health International, The Agassi Foundation, among others.

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Sheldon Lavin: Making OSI Group A Dominant Force

OSI Group has been in the food production business for decades, and there is no sign that it’s going anywhere. Sheldon Lavin is responsible for the company’s success and had propelled it to become a global competitor with other food production companies. Right now as it stands, OSI is very dominant in getting other production plants to merge with so that it can distribute fresh food that is good quality to the restaurants and other food chains that have customers to feed. You won’t find another company with humble beginnings taking on more plants and keeping most of the workers to aid in helping the economy. Read more on Wikipedia.

Sheldon Lavin has done a great job of putting OSI Group on the map for the service it provides. When the inspectors come in to view their plants, they gave nothing but good reports to it out. That’s how this company has managed to gain the business it has both at home and overseas. This is why Sheldon Lavin won the Global Visionary Award. What he had in store for OSI Group actually worked to towards the company’s advantage. It’s helpful to note that other companies that don’t have the massive amount of manpower that this company has to meet their demands when consumers are wanting a product are turning to OSI for help. They know who can get their product out fast and without any hassles. This company has a reputation for being there when it counts.

It’s important that we understand how important food processing really has become, especially for other countries who may still be improving their technological advancements. What they eat needs to be just as safe as what we eat here in the states. Having OSI Group provide productions plants in other countries helps with this greatly. Sheldon Lavin knows just what to do in order to get the countries to agree with them coming in to help out with getting fresh food. This is about people in partnership helping each other succeed. There is great joy in having quality goods.

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Darien Dash: Helping the Americans to Connect Online

Darien Dash is an American entrepreneur and activist who is credited for the improvement of internet connectivity in the United States. He currently serves as the CEO for The Movement Management Firm.

Darien Dash was born in New York, and his family has a lot of connections to the entertainment industry. He used these connections as an advantage, and he looked up to his family members as his inspiration to succeed later in his life. When he was in college, Darien Dash decided to open up a recording label called Roc-A-Bloc. He tapped his cousin, Damon, to help him out with the recording label, and through their connections in the entertainment industry, rappers like Jay-Z signed a contract with their label. By the end of his sophomore year, the label he established already grossed $100,000.

After he studied at the University of Southern California, Darien Dash decided to shift his focus on the industries that use the internet. The introduction of the internet changed the American society, and now, information travels fast. Former US President Bill Clinton also asked Darien Dash to do everything that he can to provide the minorities with internet connection.

The American minorities do not have the infrastructures back then to help them connect online, but Dash helped these communities and they started to experience how it feels like to be connected. The minorities did not expect that they will be receiving information that fast once they are connected to the internet, and it became a way for them to understand what is happening all over the country.

To improve the connectivity of the United States to the internet, Darien Dash also had to partner with the largest tech companies in the United States, like Hewlett-Packard. He met with the CEO, and discussed some of the things needed to help more American households with their wish to connect online. The meeting resulted to the creation of the Places of Color, a firm that has been awarded multiple times because of its contribution to the society. Places of Color offers low-cost computer systems to families all over the country, giving them a chance to experience connecting to the internet.


Smita Shah: Women empowerment and making it to the top

She’s known as the world’s top woman engineer and entrepreneur. Smita Shah is always giving tips for females on how to reach industries populated mainly with men. You can discover more about her approach regarding facing professional growth as a woman and how those experiences placed her in a position of influence. 


It’s no secret Shah has been a nerd for a lifetime. She was the one in elementary class who opted to solve hard math equations instead of running to the playground to play. Her intelligence was known to make her classmates cry in envy. As her education took off, Shah used these impressive math abilities within her social circles at events and soon what known for her outstanding skills during “math relays” at her college.


It was 1998 when SPAAN Tech was founded by Shah. Today it’s leading the industry as the most sought out engineering firm throughout the country. The business takes on projects complex in nature and remains growing at a fast pace.


Shah continues working with other businesswomen to help them find the same success within male-dominated jobs. She has worked tirelessly with public policy that shapes the country’s direction. It’s her lifetime goal to assist and steer women entrepreneurs in the right areas when possible. 


A Method of Empowerment by Smita Shah


As Shah states, one’s image of themselves can be the main factor why women are not progressing in the workplace. There’s a lack of role models when it comes to strong women inside the business world. Too many don’t see the success or themselves being strong in their positions. Shah believes the beginning for any female entrepreneur is her self image transition. This occurs when they encounter other successful and driven females who hold power and are making it in business. Learn more: https://about.me/smita.shah


She doesn’t hold back in mentioning the sad representation of women in the higher elements of the business world. There are challenges women will face that men never experience in their lives. It falls on those women who have found success as entrepreneurs to show that females can become CEOs alongside their male counterparts.


Shah is convinced women are capable of handling positions of power in the business world. She states the facts by sharing statistics of 100 million or more businesses in the world are led by females. Though white males make up a good part of the business environment, these numbers reveal why a female must keep pushing and never fold on their dreams of being an owner of a large company. 


Shah states it’s commitment and skills that can elevate any woman entrepreneur to the top. It is true that females may not succeed just as most men might not either. There is not a specific gender that is placed on talent. If you’re aligned with abilities in a particular field, then as Shah believes, her tips can help anyone reach the success they desire.

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US Money Reserve CEO Shares Past Experiences

People who love looking at and buying rare or highly variable gold and silver coins probably are familiar with US Money Reserve, a precious metals company that’s had many infomercials aired on TV over the years. But they may not know as much about Angela Koch, the woman who leads this company as CEO.

Koch has helped the company generate millions in revenue, and she’s helped organize various direct response TV marketing campaigns. But you might be surprised to hear that she got to where she is at US Money Reserve the long way, a working mother who figured out how to get through several other jobs and developed a business system that has enabled her to succeed in her position.

Read more: U.S. Money Reserve – Enterprise Podcast Network – EPN

Angela Koch never got to finish college, and in her early career she found herself working part-time at a pharmacy and electrical company. While she never had a formal education with advanced certifications to fall back on in her resume, she had a knack for catching onto the things that could help her advance to a higher position.

She would then work at an advanced computational system and inspection units company, and even at a Jewish foundation and a business owner’s ranch getting it certified.

The accomplishments she had doing these jobs gained her the entry into US Money Reserve, and the executive committee saw how valuable her work was that they eventually promoted her to CEO.

Today, Koch makes it her mission to make her employees better than they are and given the liberty to solve challenges on their own. She is a believer in potential and says the growth of people is far more important than just the growth of revenue because when employees become better, increased revenue will be the result.

US Money Reserve has many career opportunities for business, economics and marketing people, but they also sell products that customers who want to preserve their wealth long-term should take a look at. Gold and silver coins and bullion are important if you’re looking to add them as an enduring piece of your life that will one day be passed on, or if your collection enthusiast.

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But you can also have physical gold and silver for when times of economic inflation, market crashes and the value of fiat currency lowers. Precious metals like gold and silver are known to hold value during these times.

US Money Reserve has one of the most exquisite collections of coins in its vault, and you can find out more about them by going to their website at www.USMoneyReserve.com.

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Real Estate Is Just One String To Karen Salle and Brian Salle Family Bow

The Salle family has been working to improve the lives of the people of North Carolina in their region of Southern Avery County through a range of different activities. Shockingly, North Carolina is one of the lowest-ranking states when it comes to the level of broadband internet available to residents. This is a situation Brian and Karen Salle does not feel should be the case and has resulted in the couple taking control of the timescale for the installation of high-speed internet access for the region.

The Salle family has been working for the good of North Carolina and the wider world in terms of bringing the latest technology and business opportunities to the region. In the last few years, Brian Salle has been working to bring a number of new companies to the North Carolina region including the impressive Highland Legacy Farms brand.

This is a departure from the usual businesses opened and managed by the Salle family. The arrival of Scottish beef cattle in North Carolina is changing the way the meat industry is being seen by the people of the state, particularly in the form of the best premium beef sold locally.

Technology forms the basis of many of the businesses founded and owned by Brian and Karen Salle, including their impressive Blackpoint at Linville Falls real estate development.

The development has been successful but the location in Southern Avery County is part of a major problem area in the form of a lack of broadband internet. Karen Salle and Brian Salle established the community and have recently worked with the Home Owners Association and SkyLine/Sky Best communications to upgrade the services available in the area.

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Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western, and Oil Reserve Discussions

Matthew Fleeger isn’t someone who is out of touch with reality in any way, shape or form. He’s, in all honesty, the polar opposite of that kind of person. This Gulf Coast Western, LLC. Chief Executive Officer is truthfully among the most attentive individuals around. He’s also among the most sedulous individuals out there. He has confirmed his devotion to working incessantly throughout the years and decades. He was devoted to excellence years and years ago back when he was a Southern Methodist University pupil. Southern Methodist University is a well-known University Park, Texas school that emphasizes the value of research and beyond. Matthew Fleeger thought about finance while he was there. He thought at-length about marketing methods while he was there, too. Those were two of the subjects that were on his radar back then.

Fleeger describes himself as being the Chief Executive Officer of a huge presence in the United States’ oil and gasoline division. That company is the previously mentioned Gulf Coast Western, LLC. He comprehends gasoline reserves in the United States. He comprehends oil reserves in the country as well. His grasp of oil and gasoline concepts is unsurpassed.

Matthew FleegerThis entrepreneur’s schedule is jam-packed all of the time. He works practically nonstop, first of all. He’s also a man who has an adoration of family that’s basically in a league of its own. His wife makes him feel like anything on the planet is within reach. She never ceases to encourage him to unwind a bit, however. She’s a smart cookie who grasps the strength of kicking back once in a while. Exhaustion is something that concerns her to a great degree.

Rearing kids is a subject that makes Fleeger feel content. He’s an organized businessman who appears to constantly be on the move. That doesn’t ever dissuade him from handling obligations that involve fatherhood, however. He’s always on hand any time his kids have to show up in their classrooms. Once his children are with their teachers and peers, he’s set to tackle any and all work responsibilities that are right in front of him.

Raffaele Riva Guides Ideas for Entrepreneurial Success

Working in a tedious 9-5 job isn’t appealing to persons with free spirits. Self-motivated, hardworking individuals might find themselves gravitating towards the world of self-employment. They possess the passion necessary to become an entrepreneur. And passion does play a tremendous role in an entrepreneur’s potential success. Ask Raffaele Riva if this is true. He’s an incredibly accomplished entrepreneur who feels passion plays a vital role in an entrepreneur’s ability to thrive.

Riva isn’t someone who achieved middling success when he ventured into the world of entrepreneurism. His involvement in international business and wealth planning allows him to explore business opportunities across the globe. Raffaele Riva also launched a number of startup companies. He maintained his role as an active management participant with many of the companies long after they started rolling.

Riva launched his career in a manner similar to numerous others. He went to college and studied business, receiving a degree in economics in his home country of Italy. Riva went on to receive a postgraduate degree as well. What does separate Raffaele Riva from so many others is his understanding of the proverbial big picture. Riva knows that education alone won’t lead someone down the path of supreme entrepreneurial success. He understands the value of life experience.

Life experience involves looking at the sum of all your learning and interactions and drawing lessons from them. An active person who commits him/herself in networking events, philanthropic endeavors, and other things outside the scope of typical education and work experience may gain better perspectives.

Returning to the original point, little gets achieved when you lack passion. Experience and education may take you far, but you won’t attain the highest heights without feeling passion for what you do. Passion isn’t the “be all, end-all,” but it does play a helpful role.

MAGFAST is Changing the Way We Charge Our Devices

Charge Quickly and Reduce Clutter with MAGFAST

If you’re tired of waiting for your device to charge, or if you’re sick of having to look for pieces for your charger, check out MAGFAST Chargers. With their unique magnetic building block design aesthetic, everything can stay in one place. You’ll also find your devices charging much quicker when compared with similar products. The chargers were designed by MAGFAST founder Seymour Segnit. He sought to reduce the wires and cheap parts that aftermarket charging products often provide. He also aimed to provide a safer solution to reduce the electrical risks that are associated with power surges and poor materials.

MAGFAST Can Save You Time and Money

Having to purchase replacement chargers can become expensive. It also means that you’ll have to take time out of your day to find the right accessories and hope that they’ll suffice. With MAGFAST Chargers, compatibility is never a problem as they work with any mobile device on the market. You’ll never have to worry about pets chewing through cords with the truly wireless designs on most of their products. A wall charger that powers your device through a USB that sits on top allows you to continue using the outlets that are embedded in the design. A power bank and car charger offer convenience on the go, so you’ll never be stuck while traveling or if a power source is inaccessible. International outlet options are available, and different USB adapters are offered to ensure compatibility.

Attend a MAGFAST Presentation for Discounts and Free Items

A video presentation by CEO Seymour Segnit provides you with more information, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision. You’ll have a chance to pre-order the products as a backer of the venture. Join the many consumers that are excited about these developments in wireless technology by requesting your presentation invite at https://www.magfast.com, today.

Jason Colodne Is a Business Executive At The Top

We, as human beings, have no limits in our ability to imagine. It takes the likes of an individual in Jason Colodne to remind us that we can achieve far more than we dare plan. He reminds us of how important adhering to fundamentals are. He demonstrates the critical nature of ensuring even the minutest of details. Most importantly, Mr. Colodne teaches us that human relationships, not cliques, are what lead to our greatest achievements. Visit his facebook page to learn more about his platform.

Jason Colodne achieved a high level of success wherever he set his mind. He proved himself capable by mastering traditional financial principles, as well as, pioneering new solutions and maintaining an unparalleled measure of flexibility. Below is a list of attributes that Mr. Colodne mastered at some of the most prominent financial firms in the world:

  • overall execution and oversight
  • investigative diligence
  • documentation
  • portfolio management
  • strategic finance
  • various accounting strategies

And here is a list of some of the top firms where his influence was felt:

  • Bear Stearns
  • UBS
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley

Jason Colodne’s prime time recognition began when he became the President of a $6 billion private equity firm. This followed a professional ascension that ensued upon his graduation from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Colodne would follow that up by becoming the Head of Distressed Research, Investment, and Hybrid Lending at Goldman Sachs between 1998 to 2004. From 2004 to 2007 he would serve as the Managing Director of Strategic Finance at Morgan Stanley.

It was at this time that Jason Colodne felt a need to embark on a venture that he could call his own. He realized such an enterprise with the co-founding of Colbeck Capital Management in 2009. Here, he would serve as the new company’s Managing Partner. It was a position that enabled him the type of oversight, control, and project flexibility that he brought to his most successful projects. This attention to detail, commitment to seeing a project through, and the valuation of his staff was now in his direct control more than ever before.

Following all this, some people might think that Jason Colodne would slow operations and settle down. After all, it was such a high level of achievement. Quite the contrary. Mr. Colodne now set his sights on the motion picture industry. Between 2012 and 2014, Jason Colodne produced several successful films. His success here was typical of his many dealings in the financial industry. Mr. Colodne brought consistency and the capacity to meet multidimensional projects.

Jason Colodne is successful because he understands the importance of fundamentals and has a masterful skill for implementation. Among the most cherished, is the ability to connect with a variety of individuals and ideas. This is not a talent that one masters by simply following. It requires leadership and a deep level of understanding of pertinent concepts.

To learn about Jason Colodne visit at  https://www.zoominfo.com/p/Jason-Colodne/-1975853442